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Upcoming Events

Scripps Presents, the College’s signature public events program, will play host to diverse voices in critical conversation about relevant and riveting topics, as well as present dynamic performances by some of today’s most original artists.

DIDA Presents – The Disability Speaker Series
Location: Kravis 102 @ CMC
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Co-Sponsored by: Scripps FGSS Dept, Scripps Writing Program, Scripps Dean of Students, Student Disability Resource Center and Scripps Core Program. Additional Support from Health Education Outreach, Mental Health Alliance, ASPC

September 29 – December 8, 2018
Pitzer College Art Galleries
Elana Mann: Instruments of Accountability 
In her new exhibition, Elana Mann traces the relationship of early listening devices to modern-day protest movements in order to amplify public dissent.
Emerging Artist Series #13 and Resident Artist
Cassie Riger: Automatic Vaudeville

Cassie Riger’s work recreates proto-cinematic devices that explore spectacle and desire.


Ongoing Events

Healthy Relationships Lunchtime Talks
The EmPOWER Center, 1030 Dartmouth Ave

Masculinity Mondays
Mondays 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., dates and locations below
Masculinity Mondays is a bi-monthly drop-in session for students to connect with each other and facilitators about the impacts and effects of unhealthy masculinities and to foster and create healthier masculinities within themselves and within the communities in which they exist.
This project is a part of the Healthy Masculinity Initiative at the 7Cs and is a collaboration between the EmPOWER Center, the Office of Black Student Affairs and 5C Student Affairs.
FMI: contact Nick Daily.

Munroe Center for Social Inquiry, 2018
Pitzer College
Theme: “Perception in a social world: Sensing others and seeing ourselves”
Human beings are both social and sentient. We pay close attention to the world around us and an important part of that world is social in nature. We not only see colors and hear sounds, we perceive threats, social status, shame, who’s being paid attention to, who’s being ignored, and the intentions of others. We also understand ourselves as being the subjects of such social perception. We are concerned with what others perceive when they gaze at us and read what we present to the world. As Nina Simone sang, “Please don’t let me be misunderstood.” We are inviting prominent scholars/speakers to explore different aspects of being social, being sentient, being perceivers, and being perceived, from a variety of different perspectives: philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, media studies, cultural studies, jurisprudence, and science fiction.

QTPOC Coffee House

Pomona Women’s Union Thursday Noon Discussion Series
Every Thursday, Noon, throughout the academic year
Pomona Women’s Union, Upper Walker Lounge, Pomona College
Guest speakers address a variety of topics on women, gender, and sexuality.  All are welcome.
Complimentary buffet lunch served at 11:30 a.m.
FMI: 909-607-3999

Pomona College Museum of Art
Spring 2018 Exhibitions 

“Establishing Justice: Selections from the Permanent Collection” and “Muse: Mickalene Thomas Photographs” with “tête-à-tête”

Queer Resource Center
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The Motley Coffeehouse
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