Eric HurleyHurley, E. June 2020 Professor Eric A. Hurley Discusses Misconceptions About African Americans That Contribute to Racial Divide in the U.S.

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Eric Hurley, associate professor of Africana studies and psychology, co-authored “Cultural Group Membership Versus (Self-Reported) Group Orientation: Which Predicts Student Performance in Cooperative & Competitive Math Learning? For Whom?” in Urban Education. One of the co-authors is Seanna Cade Leath ’13.

African American Girls and the Construction of Identity Class, Race, and GenderIn African American Girls and the Construction of Identity: Class, Race, and Gender, Sheila Walker closely examines socioeconomic class and explores the way it shapes how African American girls experience race and gender in the process of their identity formation. While all the girls who participated in the two-year study are African American, their lives are racialized and gendered in significantly different ways in both public and private spaces. Affluence is not a guaranteed protection against the identity-damaging effects of racism, and poverty is not necessarily a risk factor for an irresolute identity. By examining identity through the lens of class, Walker provides researchers, educators, and parents with an in-depth appreciation of a complex, multilayered phenomenon.

Read the complete interview by Josie Winslow ’21

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Twists Of FateVanessa C. Tyson, 2016 Twists of fate : multiracial coalitions and minority representation in the US House of Representatives

“Members of Congress from racial minority groups often find themselves in a unique predicament. For one thing, they tend to represent constituencies that are more economically disadvantaged than those of their white colleagues. Moreover, they themselves experience marginalization when negotiating policy on Capital Hill. In Twists of Fate, Vanessa C. Tyson illuminates the experiences of racial minority members of the House of Representatives as they endeavor to provide much-needed resources for their districts”–Jacket.

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