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CCMS Advisory Board Charter

CCMS Advisory Board Charter
Policies and Guidelines

These Policies and Guidelines are intended to assist CCMS Advisory Board members in offering advice that will improve the organization and the quality of CCMS programs.

Mission Statement

To offer advice to the Director, Executive Committee, and staff of the CCMS for the purpose of sustaining and improving CCMS programs as an integral part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium.

Board Size

The nature of CCMS programs requires flexibility in the number of members in Advisory Board as well as in the representation of constituent disciplines.


The number of members and the extent of representation of disciplines will be reviewed periodically by the Director in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board Chair.

Appointments to the Advisory Board shall be made by the CCMS Director after consultation with the Executive Committee. Membership will be for three years, but can be extended for an additional three years when appropriate. A President of one of the colleges in the Claremont Consortium, the CCMS Director and the CCMS Coordinator will serve on the Board as ex-officio members. Other ex-officio members may be invited to serve by the Director.

Committee Leadership

The ex-officio President on the Board will select the Board Chairman who will serve for a term of three years.

The Chair approves Board meeting agendas in close consultation with the Director and officiates at the meetings. The Chair may act on behalf of the Board between meetings, and any such actions will be reported to the Director in a timely fashion.

Purpose and Activities of the Board

In broad terms, the role of the Board is to offer advice to the CCMS Director and Executive Committee for the purpose of sustaining and improving the operations of the CCMS. This is primarily done by discussing major educational and operational issues as they relate to CCMS programs. Another important Board activity is to help and advise in seeking funds to sustain CCMS programs.

Meetings, Protocols and Agendas

The Board will meet at least once per year with meetings lasting no longer than 2 hours. These meetings will be held in conjunction with presentations by projects supported by CCMS followed by a lunch or dinner as appropriate.

Setting agendas for Board meetings is a key activity for the Board Chair in consultation with the members and the Director. Agendas may involve issues beyond CCMS programs, such as trends in education, foundation support, CCMS governance and resource issues.

Read-ahead materials will be mailed out with advance agendas when practical. Minutes of Board meetings will be prepared and distributed. At the end of each meeting, input from Board members will be requested by the Chair on topics for future meetings. Development of any new long-range plans or any periodical reviews should be given ample time at Board meetings.

Meetings will be scheduled as far in advance as possible to enable Board members to give the meeting priority on their calendars.