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Current Advisory Board Membership

Mark Green Professor of Mathematics (UCLA) and the Director Emeritus of the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), Chair of the Advisory Board. Term ends 2/17/2012
James Dewar, Frederick Pardee Professor of Long-Term Policy Ananysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Board Member. Term ends 4/14/2012
Ronald Graham, Irwin and Joan Jacobs Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of California San Diego. Board member. Term ends 6/1/2012.
Kevin Bowcutt, Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Scientist of Hypersonics Phantom Works, The Boeing Company.
Board member. Term ends 8/11/2012.
Deborah Freund (President, Claremont Graduate University)
Adolfo Rumbus, Chair Executive Committee and Acting Director