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Fletcher Jones Fellowships Summer 2012

Application Deadline: March 2, 2012
Web: https://ccms.claremont.edu/Fletcher-Jones-Fellowships/
E-mail: ctowse@ScrippsCollege.edu

The Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences (CCMS) is pleased to announce a research experience program for Claremont students during the summer of 2012 with funding from The Fletcher Jones Foundation. The program dates will be June 11 through August 3, 2012

The Fletcher Jones Foundation will fund nine undergraduate students from the various Claremont Colleges and three graduate students from the Claremont Graduate University. These students will work with three faculty members for a period of eight weeks starting on June 13, 2012. Each faculty member will direct a research project with a team consisting of three undergraduate students and one graduate student. Descriptions of the three research projects are attached to this announcement and posted on the CCMS website at https://ccms.claremont.edu/. The stipend for the eight-week research project is $4,750 (subject to federal and state taxes) for undergraduate students, and $5,700 (subject to federal and state taxes) for graduate students.

We welcome applications from students in all the Claremont Colleges and the Claremont Graduate University. Please submit the attached application form to Professor Chris Towse by March 2, 2012 to the address below or by email at ctowse@ScrippsCollege.edu. Review of applications will begin on March 2, 2012, and will continue until all positions have been filled.

Christopher Towse, Director

C/O Kris Graham
Department of Mathematics, Pomona College

Millikan 228C

610 N. College Ave
Claremont, CA 91711


Phone: (909) 607-3540

Please visit HERE to download the Application. All applications are due by March 2, 2012.

Supercharacter Theory and Exponential Sums, Stephan Garcia (Pomona College)

We will use supercharacter theory, a powerful new algebraic mechanism recently pioneered by Diaconis-Isaacs and Andrè, to study certain exponential sums which arise in number theory (e.g., Gauss, Kloosterman, and Ramanujan sums). Being a new area, supercharacter theory is fertile ground for student research and there is plenty of low-hanging fruit to be found on this frontier.

Fletcher Jones Fellowships Summer 2012

Humanitarian Logistics in Africa, Susan E. Martonosi (Harvey Mudd College)

Operations researchers have recently taken a greater interest in humanitarian logistics: how to manage, procure and deliver resources for humanitarian aid efficiently and fairly. Students on this project will help identify an interesting problem in this area that pertains to Africa and work towards a mathematical model to solve it.

Dehn Functions and Combinatorially Nonpositively Curved Groups, Rena Levitt (Pomona College)

Given a word whose letters are the generators of a group G, is there an algorithm to determine if the word represents the identity in G? If so, how many steps will it take? In this project we will study a method to answer these questions by building a metric space that encodes the structure of the group.