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CGU Class Rotation

Claremont Graduate University Class Rotation

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Fall (Odd)
Spring (Even)
Fall (Even)
Spring (Odd)
Math 231 Principles of Real Analysis I        
Math 232 Principles of Real Analysis II        
Math 235 Complex Analysis        
Math 236 Complex Variables and Applications        
Math 239 Fourier Analysis        
Math 240 Modern Geometry        
Math 241 Hyperbolic Geometry        
Math 242 Differential Geometry        
Math 243 Topics in Geometry        
Math 244 Algebraic Topology        
Math 245 Topics in Geometry and Topology        
Math 247 Topology        
Math 248 Knot Theory        
Math 249 Discrete Geometry        
Math 250 Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials        
Math 251 Probability        
Math 252 Statistical Theory        
Math 253 Bayesian Statistics        
Math 254 Computational Statistics        
Math 255 Time Series        
Math 256 Stochastic Processes        
Math 257 Intermediate Probability        
Math 258 Statistical Linear Models        
Math 259 Topics in Statistics        
Math 260 Monte Carlo Methods        
Math 261A Introduction to C++ Programming        
Math 262 Fundamentals of Scientific Computing        
Math 264 Scientific Computing        
Math 265 Numerical Analysis        
Math 267 Complexity Theory        
Math 268 Algorithms        
Math 269 Representations of High Dimensional Data        
Math 271 Abstract Algebra I        
Math 272 Abstract Algebra II: Galois Theory        
Math 273 Linear Algebra        
Math 274 Linear Algebra II        
Math 275 Number Theory        
Math 276 Algebraic Geometry        
Math 277 Topics in Algebra        
Math 280 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations        
Math 281 Dynamical Systems        
Math 282 Partial Differential Equations        
Math 283 Mathematical Modeling        
Math 284 Applied Analysis        
Math 285 Wavelets and their Applications        
Math 286 Stochastic Methods in Operations Research        
Math 287 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research        
Math 288 Social Choice and Decision-Making        
Math 289 Special Topics in Mathematics        
Math 293 Mathematics Clinic        
Math 294 Methods of Applied Mathematics        
Math 306 Optimization        
Math 335 Integral Transforms and Applications        
Math 337 Real and Functional Analysis I        
Math 338 Real and Functional Analysis II        
Math 351 Time Series Analysis        
Math 352 Nonparametric and Computational Statistics        
Math 353 Asymptotic Methods in Statistics with Applications        
Math 354 Reliability Theory        
Math 355 Linear Statistical Models        
Math 357 Deterministic and Stochastic Control        
Math 358 Mathematical Finance        
Math 359 Simulation        
Math 361A Numerical Methods for Finance        
Math 361B Credit Risk        
Math 362 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations        
Math 365 Computational Methods for Molecular Biology        
Math 366 Data Mining        
Math 368 Numerical Methods for Matrix Computations        
Math 381 Fluid Dynamics        
Math 382 Perturbation and Asymptotic Analysis        
Math 384 Advanced Partial Differential Equations        
Math 385 Mathematical Modeling in Biology        
Math 386 Image Processing        
Math 387 Discrete Mathematical Modeling        
Math 388 Continuous Mathematical Modeling        
Math 389 Advanced Topics in Mathematics        
Math 393 Advanced Mathematics Clinic        
Math 398 Independent Study        
Math 451 Statistical Mechanics and Lattice Models        
Math 452 Large-Scale Inference        
Math 453 Financial Time Series        
Math 454 Statistical Learning        
Math 458A Quantitative Risk Management        
Math 458B Optimal Portfolio Theory        
Math 461 Level-Set Methods        
Math 462 Bayesian Inference and Machine Learning        
Math 466 Mathematical Foundations of Data-Intensive Algorithms        
Math 498 Indepedent Research        
Math 499 Doctoral Study