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Fall break

Emmy Noether Room, Millikan 1021, Pomona College 610 N. College Ave., Claremont, California

No applied math talk

Panel on Paths in Mathematics After Undergrad


Panelists: Tatiana Bradley, Michelle Goodwin, Isys Johnson, John Lentfer, and Matthew vonAllmen We will have a panel discussion with graduates from the Claremont Consortium who have taken different pathways after graduation. After introductions, there will be time for open questions from the audience. Afterward, breakout rooms will be open for a casual discussion with the panelists and […]

Applied Math Seminar — Mario Banuelos (Cal State University, Fresno)

Emmy Noether Room, Estella 1021, Pomona College, 610 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA, United States

Title: A Recommendation Systems Approach for Detecting Epistasis Abstract: There are a variety of methods used to understand and interpret an organism’s phenotype, the physical expression of one or more genes. Epistasis, the phenomenon of one mutation affecting the resulting quantitative or qualitative phenotype, is used to assess gene variation in an attempt to find […]

Damerell’s theorem: p-adic version, supersingular case (Pavel Guerzhoy, University of Hawaii)

On Zoom

It is widely believed that Weierstrass ignored Eisenstein's theory of elliptic functions and developed an alternative treatment, which is now standard, because of a convergence issue. In particular, the Eisenstein series of weight two does not converge absolutely while Eisenstein's theory assigned a value to this series. It is now well-known that the quantity which […]

Clouds and Climate (Prof. Tapio Schneider)


Title: Clouds and Climate Prof. Tapio Schneider Theodore Y. Wu Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering California Institute of Technology Abstract: Clouds are an essential regulator of climate. They cool Earth on average by 5 degrees centigrade. Yet despite their importance, the response of clouds to climate change is very uncertain. This is especially true […]

Applied Math Seminar — Selenne Bañuelos (Cal State University Channel Islands and Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA)

Emmy Noether Room, Estella 1021, Pomona College, 610 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA, United States

Title: Exploring Phage Treatment for Bacterial Infections with Mathematical Modeling Abstract: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious threat to global health today. A renewed interest in phage therapy – the use of bacteriophages to treat pathogenic bacterial infections – has emerged given the spread of AMR and lack of new drug classes in the antibiotic […]

Counting points in discrete subgroups (Jeff Vaaler, UT Austin)

On Zoom

We consider the problem of comparing the number of discrete points that belong to a set with the measure (or volume) of the set, under circumstances where we expect these two numbers to be approximately equal. We start with a locally compact, abelian, topological group G. We assume that G has a countably infinite, torsion […]

Topological descriptions of protein folding (Prof. Helen Wong)


Title: Topological descriptions of protein folding Speaker:  Prof. Helen Wong, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Claremont-McKenna College. Abstract: Knotting in proteins was once considered exceedingly rare. However, systematic analyses of solved protein structures over the last two decades have demonstrated the existence of many deeply knotted proteins, and researchers now hypothesize that the knotting presents some […]

Applied Math Seminar — Sara Clifton (St. Olaf College)

Emmy Noether Room, Estella 1021, Pomona College, 610 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA, United States

Title: Understanding Complex Social Systems using Minimal Mathematical Models Abstract: Minimal mathematical models are used to understand complex phenomena in the physical, biological, and social sciences. This modeling philosophy never claims, nor even attempts, to fully capture the mechanisms underlying the phenomena, and instead offers insights and predictions not otherwise possible. Here, we explore minimal […]

The Chow ring of heavy/light Hassett spaces via tropical geometry (Dagan Karp, HMC)

On Zoom

Hassett spaces in genus 0 are moduli spaces of weighted pointed stable rational curves; they are important in the minimal model program and enumerative geometry. We compute the Chow ring of heavy/light Hassett spaces. The computation involves intersection theory on the toric variety corresponding to a graphic matroid, and rests upon the work of Cavalieri-Hampe-Markwig-Ranganathan. […]

Projections on Banach spaces and a lifting property of operators (Prof. Botelho)


Title: Projections on Banach spaces and a lifting property of operators Prof. Maria Fernanda Botelho Department of Mathematical Sciences The University Of Memphis Abstract: In this talk I will present properties of contractive projections and explain their role in the existence of norm preserving lifts of operators. A pair of Banach spaces (X, J), with […]