Update from the DH@CC Team

Unfortunately, starting Monday, March 16 and until further notice, The Claremont Colleges Library will be closed to all visitors other than Library staff critical to on-site operations. Nevertheless, the DH@CC Team is committed to supporting our students, faculty, and staff remotely, especially as we strategize how best to finish up the spring semester.

We will offer that support in the following ways:

  • Course Support: We’ve already spent time working with many classes across The Claremont Colleges this semester, and we’re committed to making sure that we are able to continue to support the projects that our community members are working on. At this time, we’re reviewing our teaching materials to make sure that they are clear and accessible so that remote access can be as painless as possible. Moreover, members of the DH@CC Team are in the process of reaching out to faculty members directly about how to best proceed with class sessions scheduled for the remainder of the semester.
  • Resources: As we review our teaching materials, we’re also eager to share these materials with the wider DH community, so we’ll be updating our website regularly throughout the rest of the semester in an effort to make our resources more accessible.
  • Digital Assignments: If you are a faculty member who is struggling to adjust to remote online teaching, we want to stress that now is not probably not the best time to try to learn any and everything about digital pedagogy. In their excellent Preparing to Move Your Course Online workshop, The Claremont Colleges Center for Teaching and Learning emphasized communication, explicit goal setting, accessibility, collaboration, and trust, and we want to reiterate a lot of their approach. To that end, we encourage you to reach out to us if you’d like to brainstorm some of the (easy) ways that you can adjust your assignments to take advantage of digital resources. From WordPress to Wikipedia to WeVideo, we’re here to help!
  • Programming: Although our events for the spring semester, including the Research Studio Series and Martin Hägglund’s visit, have been postponed, we’re coming up with a creative plan to keep the members of our community engaged even from a distance. Stay tuned for more information about virtual events after Spring Break.
  • Troubleshooting: Members of the DH@CC team are prepared to respond quickly to troubleshooting requests, as much of our support can easily take place remotely. For some platforms, we may already be serving as a project administrator, so we can easily log in and attempt to fix the problem on our end; otherwise, screen sharing can help facilitate the troubleshooting process. If you’re struggling with something technical, don’t hesitate to ask us for help.
  • Updates from The Claremont Colleges Library: Access to resources (ebooks, journals, digital platforms like ArcGIS, etc.) through The Claremont Colleges Library has been changing constantly these days, for the better, as our vendors modify their licensing agreements so that they can accommodate shifting circumstances for students, faculty, and staff. Be sure to keep an eye on the library website for updates.
  • Questions, comments, concerns?: Let us know how we can best support you by contacting us directly.
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