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Fall 2019 Research Studio Series is in full swing!

Now in the second week of the Fall 2019 semester, the DH@CC Team is gearing up for a variety of activities over the next few months. In addition to supporting digital humanities work in classes and digital humanities research projects here at The Claremont Colleges, in collaboration with The Claremont Colleges Library, we’ve recently launched […]

2019 DH Summer Institute

We’re pleased to invite all interested faculty, staff, and students to attend the 2019 DH Summer Institute coming up on Friday, August 30th from 10:00am – 2:00pm in the Keck Classroom of the Honnold/Mudd Library. This year’s workshop has been designed to introduce new faculty members to the wide variety of resources that are available […]

Anna Mitchell: Update from Women Who Rock

“Digital” and “humanities” never struck me as complementary forces. The humanities conjured the analogue; the smell of books, the feel of a camera, the sounds of a classroom engrossed in discussion or the thick silence of study. Yet, through reading Jill Walker Rettberg’s scholarship and digging in to concepts such as the archive and collective […]

Sarah Osailan & Indu Shrestha: Digital Demos

As Digital Research Studio Fellows, we work on various projects, often creating digital demos that showcase different features in the tools supported by the DH@CC team. These presentations are used in classes to give the students and participants an idea of how to use different tools to present their work. This spring, we wanted to […]

Paul Faulstich: Update from Visual Ecology

In addition to building and curating personal online portfolios, students in Paul Faulstich’s course this semester have begun the ambitious project of creating a Field Guide to the Claremont Wilderness Park. In Visual Ecology — a combined theory & praxis course developed with the help of a Digital Course Development Grant from DH@CC — we […]

Microblogging as Scholarship

Students in this year’s Digital Humanities Studio (DGHM 150): Archaeology in a Digital Age have spent the first half of the semester critically examining digital platforms and digitally curated data. Twitter, in particular, has got a bad rep. When most people think about the social media platform, they imagine brief snippets of news containing links to additional […]

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