Research Studio Series

DH@CC, in collaboration with The Claremont Colleges Library, is pleased to be organizing the Research Studio Series, a year long program of linked events (and refreshments!) on Friday afternoons hosted in the Research Studio, the Library’s hub of DH research and practice. Details concerning each session will be updated throughout the semester, so keep an eye on this space for more information about particular events. 

How I Made This

Learning about another scholar’s research methods or pedagogical practices can inspire you to think creatively or differently about your own work and teaching. But, in order to integrate new techniques or tools, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with the kinds of technical skills you might need to acquire and the kinds of collaborators you may want to enlist. In these workshops, members of the Claremont community will introduce you to their work in the digital humanities, both long-term research projects and more course and assignment driven initiatives, with an eye towards helping you get a handle on the kinds of resources that you might want to employ in your own teaching and research.

For a list of workshops, please visit the How I Made This page.

Digital Pop-Up

Want to learn a new digital platform? Have a question about a digital project you’ve been brainstorming? Our monthly Digital Pop Up sessions are the perfect venue to learn and experiment, meet new colleagues and be inspired. Stay tuned for details about the focus of each event shortly before the scheduled date.

For a list of workshops, please visit the Digital Pop Up page.

Python Working Group

Whether you are brand new to programming in Python or have a good bit of experience, it’s always useful to get together with other learners and talk through programming challenges. This monthly series will offer a mix of intro Python skills along with opportunities for coding “show and share” to solicit feedback on your own projects. We’ll also be collecting and sharing good online sources of Python classes, videos, and tips along the way.

Click here to see the Python Working Group’s GitHub repository.

Digital Humanities Reading Group

The Digital Humanities Reading Group (DHRG) first convened in the Fall of 2018 to read and discuss articles, blogs, and books that address the emerging field of DH from various theoretical, practical, and pedagogical perspectives. Our objective is to supplement our understanding of digital humanities by developing an appreciation of the variety of approaches that are encompassed by this broad set of methods. The readings are chosen by group members, so the topics are determined by the various interests that we all bring to the table. Our goal this year is to select readings that complement the themes illuminated by the other sessions of the Research Studio Series.

For our current reading list, please visit the Digital Humanities Reading Group page.

Fall 2019 Research Studio Series | Fridays 2:00-3:30pm | Research Studio, Honnold/Mudd Library

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