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DH@CC has facilitated Summer Institutes for faculty since 2015. Designed to increase digital capacity and technical fluency across the consortium, these institutes have featured a small set of curated digital humanities tools and methods taught by domain experts from the Claremont Colleges, especially the library, and beyond. Sessions have been designed to introduce participants to some of the big ideas and controversies in digital humanities as well as to support faculty who plan to utilize these skills within their courses. Participants have come from each academic institution across the consortium as well as the library; they represent a wide range of humanistic disciplines. One major outcome of these institutes has been arming faculty with the resources necessary to apply for Digital Course Development grants and Digital Humanities Faculty Research grants, and many participants have in fact have gone on to receive these competitive awards.

[A variety of questions] led me to join with some wonderfully sharp 5C colleagues as part of the 2016 DH Summer Institute. For a week we sat indoors getting schooled in the various tools and techniques we might employ to reconceptualize our teaching and scholarship; to disrupt what we thought we knew.It worked. One sure sign is that I have absolutely no sense yet how I might incorporate what I have learned about… some of [the] depth [of the full array of insights and puzzles] is captured in the stream of tweets my peers and I generated while trying to absorb what we were hearing. Woven together, these digital expressions have created an ecosystem of ideas and insights, a habitat at once virtual and vital.

Char MillerEnvironmental Analysis
Pomona College

First, prior to the [Summer 2016] workshop I had only a vague idea of what the term digital humanities might be encompassing. It turns out that it is an emerging, purposefully inter-disciplinary field of research and computation that is producing some amazing tools and scholarship. My motivation to apply for the workshop is an idea for a course idea that I’m incubating and that would go beyond my ‘home discipline’ of statistics to touch the worlds of history, political science, demography and sociology. I was thus curious what the digital humanities might have to offer me. Suffice to say, I did not regret spending the second week of my summer in a classroom with a dozen other faculty members from across the Claremont Colleges.

Tanja SrebotnjakHixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design
Harvey Mudd College

2019 Summer Institute

2019 DH@CC Summer Institute Poster

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