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Claremont Colleges Student Activist Groups

5C Refugee Advocacy Network
5C Refugee Advocacy Network is a student-led initiative devoted to providing multi-faceted support to resettled refugees in Inland Empire area.

  • Visit their Facebook page here.

5C Mental Health Alliance

  • Mission Statement: The 5C Mental Health Alliance (MHA) is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting dialogue about mental illness and wellness at the Claremont Colleges (5Cs).
  • Contact Infomhalliance5c@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

7C Trans, Genderqueer, and Gender Questioning Alliance

  • Mission Statement: The Alliance establishes a safe space for trans*, genderqueer and gender questioning folks to support and build community. Our goals include sustaining a visible trans* community, raising consciousness of gender diversity and organizing political action.
  • Contact Infothe7Csalliance@gmail.com

American Red Cross Club of the Claremont Colleges

  • Mission Statement: There are currently three main components to the club: fundraising for disaster relief and health initiatives, informing students on how to live healthier, and hosting blood drives and CPR/First Aid training.
  • Contact Info:ccredcross@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Building Leaders on Campus (BLOC)

  • Mission Statement: BLOC strives to promote academic Success, social wellness, and Community collectivism among its members as well as its associates. We created this organization as a support group for those that want to join.
  • Contact Infoblocorganization@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Challah for Hunger

  • Mission Statement: Challah for Hunger seeks to advance social justice in Darfur and Southern California by harnessing the resources of the Claremont Colleges to bake and sell about 400 loaves of challah bread each week
  • Contact Info: claremontchallah@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Chiapas Support Committee

  • Mission Statement: CSC is a collective composed of 5C college students allied with the Zapatista struggle of Southern Mexico since 1994. We hold political education workshops, and sponsor delegations to Chiapas every summer
  • Contact Info: chiapassupportcommittee@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Claremont Climate Justice (CCJ)

  • Mission Statement: CCJ is an umbrella organization that has been founded to meet the needs of students passionate about environmental justice.
  • Contact Infoclaremontclimatejustice@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Claremont Colleges Against Cancer

  • Mission Statement: We promote cancer awareness, prevention, and advocacy, while providing a a strong and supportive community for all those affected by cancer. Our capstone event each year is Relay for Life, a 24-hour camp-out in honor and support of cancer survivors.
  • Contact Info: claremontcollegesrfl@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Claremont Colleges United for Reproductive and Gender Equity (ccURGE)

  • Mission Statement: ccURGE is an organization committed to Reproductive Justice. We envision a world where all people have agency over their own bodies and relationships and the power, knowledge and tools to exercise that agency.
  • Contact Infoisabelcarterkahn@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Claremont Students United for Social Justice (CSUSJ)

  • Mission Statement: We are the Claremont Students United for Social Justice (CSUSJ), striving to uphold and protect human rights in our community and push for universal human rights throughout the world.
  • Contact Infonoah.latkin@gmail.com

Disability, Illness, and Difference Alliance

  •  Mission Statement: DIDA is a student-led group committed to creating safe spaces for discussions surrounding issues of disability, illness, and difference, promoting awareness of disability issues on campus through weekly discussions, events, and other programming.
  • Contact Info: claremontdida@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here.

Empowered Latin@s in Action

  • Mission Statement: ELA is an inclusive, student-driven, Pomona College organization, open to students from all the 5-C’s, striving to maximize opportunities for Chican@s/Latin@s. We work to bring cultural, social, and political awareness and change to the 5-C community.
  • Contact Info:ela.pomona@gmail.com

Food Rescue

  • Mission Statement: Student volunteers to pick up leftover un-served food from dining halls and deliver it to a nearby shelter, Inland Valley Hope Partners. A chapter of the national Food Recovery Network
  • Contact Info: Foodrescuecoordinator@gmail.com

Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success at the Claremont Colleges (IDEAS)

  • Mission Statement: IDEAS at the Claremont Colleges aims to organize, promote, encourage, and further the education of immigrant students by providing social networks, academic resources, and financial support.
  • Contact Info: claremontideas@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Indigenous Student Alliance

  • Mission Statement: The Indigenous Student Alliance aims to promote understanding of Indigenous cultures, traditions, and history, both historical and contemporary as well as support self-identified indigenous students at the 5Cs
  • Contact Info: 5CIndigenousStudentAlliance@gmail.com

[in]Visible Magazine

  • Mission Statement: We are a group of students devoted to fostering an inclusive dialogue on gender issues, starting with the Claremont Colleges.
  • Contact Info: invisiblemag@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Mudd Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault

  • Mission Statement: We are here to support, advocate, and provide resources and interventions for survivors of sexual assault on Harvey Mudd’s campus and the 5C community.
  • Contact Infoslazo@g.hmc.edu
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Multi Ethnic and Racial Group Exchange (MERGE)

  • Mission Statement: MERGE is a club that provides a safe space for identifying students of multi-ethnic and/or multi-racial background.
  • Contact Infocortney.anderson@pomona.edu

Nourish International

  • Mission Statement: We are a social justice organization that seeks to promote critical discussion on international development and aid, while creating lasting partnerships with communities abroad. We use social entrepreneurship to fund grassroots NGOs in these countries.
  • Contact Info: MWeiss2508@scrippscollege.edu
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Pan African Students Association (PASA)

  • Mission Statement: PASA is a 5C organization that seeks to educate and create unity amongst students of African descent and the general college community through community service, social events, activism, and the exploration of leadership.
  • Contact Info: emailpasa@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Pomona Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault

  • Contact Info:advocates@pomona.edu
  • Meeting Time: Sunday at 7:00 p.m., Smith Campus Center Room 235, Pomona College (meetings are closed to members, however if you would like to discuss something with the organization, please email the organization and set up a time to stop by.)
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Prison Abolition Group

  • Contact Info: 5cprisonabolition@gmail.com
  • Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m., Scripps Humanities 201
  • Mission Statement: Prison Abolition seeks to create critical dialogue about the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and prison abolition in order to deconstruct the conventional idea that imprisonment is the solution to social problems. We aim to generate a movement on the Claremont Colleges and beyond to directly engage with communities affected by the PIC and to work toward building proactive solutions alternative to imprisonment. 
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentorship Program

  • Mission Statement: The Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentor Program (QQAMP) provides interested students with two QQAMP mentors, as well as the opportunity to participate in events and meet more people within the program and the queer community of the Claremont Colleges.
  • Contact Info: qqamp@pomona.edu

SCORE (Scripps Communitites of Resources & Empowerment Office)

  • Mission Statement: SCORE is more than an office or department; we seek to build a community of people dedicated to enhancing and supporting inclusion at Scripps College and beyond through programming and advising within a social justice framework. SCORE has a strong collaborative relationship with Scripps International Students, Wanawake Weusi, Café con Leche, the Asian American Student Union, the Asian American Sponsor Program, the Disability, Illness, and Difference Alliance, Family, and Coalition Against Classism.
  • Contact Info: score@scrippscollege.edu

Scripps Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault

  • Mission Statement: We are a student-college partnership organization that receives support and advice from Student Affairs. We provide support and information for survivors of sexual assault in the Scripps and greater Claremont Colleges communities.
  • Contact Infoscrippsadvocates@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

Secular Student Alliance (SSA)

  • Mission Statement: The SSA seeks to provide community for those who identify as secular, promote dialogue surrounding secularity and skepticism, foster acceptance of freethinkers, organize activities surrounding these issues, and promote community involvement.
  • Contact Infojennie.frishtick@gmail.com

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)

  • Mission Statement: SOCA is a socially, intellectually and politically progressive alliance of people who provide programming to support students of color and their allies.
  • Contact Info: soca04747@gmail.com
  • Visit their Facebook page here

TerraCycle Club

  • Mission Statement: TerraCycle Club works to eliminate the idea of waste by taking in products that are not normally recycled or composted to be upcycled into new products.
  • Contact Infokquevedo@students.pitzer.edu

Title IX Coalition (TIXC)

  • Mission Statement: TIXC  is a student organization dedicated to making a positive contribution to the social atmosphere on campus by providing programming and spaces for all students to safely and responsibly enjoy their free time in college
  • Contact Info: Libbie Wilcox, ejw02012@mymail.pomona.edu
  • Meeting times subject to change; please contact group leaders for updated information

If you would like your organization to be added to this list, please e-mail:  ifc@scrippscollege.edu.