Women's Studies Curriculum Committee Course Adoption Criteria

Courses in Gender/Women’s/Feminist Studies explore issues of race, class, sexual orientation, and gender in a variety of cultural contexts. They draw on feminist scholarship to question androcentric assumptions in traditional methodologies, theories, and research, and to offer alternative paradigms. Gender/Women’s/Feminist Studies courses also foster a climate of mutual inquiry in the classroom, exchange of ideas among faculty and students in group discussions, and offer an opportunity for writing as an integral part of the ongoing process of learning and self-expression.

Upper Level Gender/Women’s/Feminist Studies designation

To be given the “Upper Level Gender/Women’s/Feminist Studies course” designation, your course must:

  • assume that students have familiarity with the basic concepts and terminology in Women’s Studies;
  • have prerequisites, which may include but are not limited to one or more of the following: FGSS/GWS 26, another Women’s Studies course, other relevant prerequisites, or the instructor’s permission;
  • be designed so that students can engage each other and the course material at a high level of feminist analysis; ideally, such a course is designed as a seminar and focuses on discussion.

To be listed, courses must either be already approved or must be submitted for approval to either the home institution or to IFC as instructed below. (Courses that have not been approved or that are no longer approved will not be included in the IFC women’s studies course listing.)