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CMC Dual Major in Film Studies

Film Studies at Claremont McKenna

The program emphasizes the history, theory, and critical assessment of film, especially in terms of its impact upon, and reflection of, contemporary culture and society. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to connect the study of film to other interests, and, in cooperation with the other Claremont Colleges, to combine studies in theory and criticism with experience in film production.

The major in Film Studies is completed as part of a dual major with another academic field. The major requires six courses in film studies, together with at least eight courses in the other field. In consultation with the CMC faculty advisor, students design a program which combines courses in film with those in another discipline. For further information on dual majors and the
requirements of the other field of study of the dual major, please check the appropriate sections of this catalog. Each student majoring in film studies must obtain approval of their program from the CMC program chair, Professor Morrison. For more information, see the college’s own site.

Major Requirements (dual major only)

Completion of the program requires six courses, distributed as follows:

Two required courses (students may not take both of these courses for credit):

One of the following two courses:

  • LIT130 CM – Introduction to Film


  • MS050 PZ – Introduction to Film


  • LIT030 CM – Introduction to Video Art


  • MS082 PZ – Introduction to Video

Four Elective Courses:

Elective courses are selected in consultation with the program advisor from among courses offered at CMC or at one of the other Claremont Colleges.

Film courses at CMC are listed with those of the literature department. The program chair has a composite list of film and media studies courses offered at The Claremont Colleges. Please consult the appropriate college catalog for descriptions and availability.

CMC students may also complete a full major in media studies through Pitzer College or Pomona College.