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  • QTPOC may not feel an affinity with some LGBTQ language/use and may prefer terms like Same Gender Loving, On the DL, Two Spirit, stud, AG, etc.
  • QTPOC may feel they must choose between communities of color and LGBTQ communities.
  • QTPOC experience racism in LGBTQ communities & heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia & transphobia in communities of color.
  • Cultures that do not usually speak openly about sexuality may create extra barriers to coming out.
  • The importance of organized religion, marriage, and family within communities of color may put extra pressure on QTPOC.
  • Respect confidentiality and understand why QTPOC may choose to selectively be “out” in different spheres of their lives.
  • Don’t assume that the public “Gay Agenda” matches the needs or political priorities of QTPOC.  For example, though the mainstream movement has focused on marriage for quite some time, many of the 42% of LGBTQ homeless youth are QTPOC, and 1 in 8 trans women of color are murdered.
  • Continuously educate yourself and others about issues that pertain to QTPOC, and share this knowledge with others.
  • Actively create inclusive spaces that acknowledge the ways that culture and identity intersect.
  • Attend 7C events, including those at the QRC, that highlight the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.