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What’s Going on at the QRC


Be Steadwell: An example of a past event series

What’s the QRC been up to, you ask? We’re so proud of our events, our collaborations, and our efforts to build community on campus (and around town) that we just have to keep showing them off. So, whether you are a current student taking a study break, an alum wondering what The QRC has been up to since you’ve been gone, or a prospective student hoping to find out what kind of LGBTQIA-related events are offered here at the colleges, this is the page for you!

The QRC offers educational, social, and social justice oriented programming that reflects the needs of diverse LGBTQIA communities. Each year, we hold seasonal events and weekly support programs, honor LGBTQ commemoration days, engage queer youth in community outreach, and highlight contributions of queer faculty on our campuses. Take a look around for more information about our regularly-occurring programs through the QRC, and know that we also host a number of workshops, panels, speakers, and performers throughout the year, as well as collaborate with other organizations and departments.  Check out our Facebook page or join our


listserv for notification about upcoming events!   The QRC is only one of several organizations putting on queer events on campus, many of which are student-run. To get more information about student LGBTQ groups and their events, check out the queer campus groups page.   If you have any questions about our events, feel free to contact our friendly QRC Staffers for more information.   We hope to see you soon!

The QRC’s website has an ongoing calendar of upcoming QRC events, and we would love for this to become a community calendar of any 7C events related to sex and gender, sexuality, and relationships. Planning a queer or related event? Give us the details by filling out this form and we’ll add it to our centralized calendar! If you would also like to request co-sponsorship funds from the QRC for your event, please additionally fill out our co-sponsorship form here.