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Claremont Graduate University

Name Change at CGU

Academic records are legal documents with financial, professional, and other critical implications. Your legal name appears in all official University records, including your transcript. If you are a current student, you may change your legal name only by providing official documentation of the change.  Acceptable documentation includes a government-issued identification card containing your photograph and new name, a court order stipulating the change, and other legal action.

In addition to a legal name, our student records capture a “preferred name,” which can be used for your student portal, on course management and electronic collaboration systems, on class and grade rosters, for the University’s e-mail system, and for other general and daily purposes. You may also select a preferred gender identity and preferred pronouns through your student portal within the “profile” tile.

To avoid confusion with third parties, such as government entities and potential employers, please remember that regardless of any preferred name you may have on file at CGU, your legal name will always appear on official University records.

Requests to change any of your personal information in the University’s records must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Procedures, requirements, and the application form are available from the Change Your Personal Information link on the registrar’s website. The link can be found under Student Processes: Student Records. When submitting your request, be sure to attach any required documentation.

Please allow one week processing time for name changes to be reflected on University systems. Questions about this process may be directed to the CGU Registrar’s Office at, at student.records@cgu.edu or (909) 621-8285.


Claremont Graduate University (CGU) currently does not offer gender neutral housing. As an alternative, The CGU Apartment complex offers a number of single occupancy units. If you are a student whose gender expression, gender identity and/or biological sex varies from the standard paradigm, and/or you identify as transgender or gender non-conforming and you are interested in pursuing single occupancy housing, please contact Alexis Ireland, Student Housing Manager.

To identify further housing options off campus, please refer to CUC Real Estate Housing Referral Service.