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Claremont McKenna Colleges offers one gender-inclusive floor (1st floor Marks) and four gender-inclusive residence halls (Beckett, Benson, Berger, and Claremont). In these areas, there are no gender designations (i.e. roommates and neighbors can be of any gender). The restrooms in these spaces are open to residents of all genders and provide floor-to-ceiling private toilet and shower stalls. For more information, contact Jenny Guyett, Assistant Dean and Director of Residential Life.

Name Change

While your legal name cannot be changed except by court order, it is possible to have your chosen name appear on class rosters, on Sakai, and in your email username. To change records to your chosen name, fill out the Additional/Preferred Name request form at the CMC Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will add your chosen name to the CMC student information system and communicate your request to Information Technology Services and other administrative offices. Updates typically take about two weeks to process. Please be mindful that your name appears in many places, and your legal name is the default for official College records, including your transcript. Additionally, you can add you personal pronouns to the portal. If you have questions or problems in requesting a chosen name or listing your pronouns, please stop by the Registrar’s Office or send an email to registrar@cmc.edu.