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While Scripps College is a Women’s College, we believe that our mission is to empower those who face gender discrimination, and is thus inclusive of trans* identities. No Scripps student will lose their eligibility to attend or graduate from Scripps College by coming out or transitioning.


Scripps College does not currently have gender-neutral housing, although many of the residence halls have gender-neutral restrooms. Contact Brenda Ice, Assistant Dean, Director of Campus Life, to discuss campus housing options.

Name Change

The student’s full legal name at the time of matriculation and/or graduation from enrollment will appear on all official documents of the College including the official transcripts. The name presented on the student’s application for admission is presumed to be the student’s legal name unless discrepancies are discovered with high school transcript or other official transcripts, in which case the student will be contacted to present appropriate documentation to the Registrar.

While enrolled, the student may present an official government-issued document to the Registrar to request a change to the legal name, such as a birth certificate, current Social Security card, current driver’s license, current passport, or a court order officially changing the name.

For the purposes of class and grade lists on the academic portal, the preferred name by which the student wishes to be addressed will display on class lists in conjunction with the legal surname. Students may make a written request to the Registrar (registrar@scrippscollege.edu) at any time during enrollment to change the preferred name.

The student’s full legal name at the time of graduation will be printed on the diploma, unless the student specifically requests through the Registrar that initials replace the first and/or middle name. (http://catalog.scrippscollege.edu/content.php?catoid=18&navoid=1996#official-transcript)