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Within the three umbrella disciplines that Keck Science encompasses – biology, chemistry, and physics – we offer 15 discrete degree programs, listed on the right with links to descriptions of each major and its requirements (some majors have different requirements depending on which of our three sponsor schools you attend). When only one or two of the Keck Science schools is listed in parenthesis, that major is only formally offered for those particular schools.

Because the real world is interdisciplinary in nature – and the solutions to its problems must, therefore, also be interdisciplinary – many of our degree programs provide comprehensive instruction in more than one scientific discipline. In addition, you can pursue dual-degree programs in partnership with schools of engineering or a double major with a discipline outside of the sciences.

Keck Science also offers an intensive year-long introductory course called Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence (AISS), which was developed by the department with support from the National Science Foundation. As its name implies, AISS integrates instruction in the major principles in chemistry, biology, and physics, providing an accelerated start to fulfilling your major requirements. This course is open only to first-year students, who are all invited to apply to the program during the summer before their arrival in Claremont. In addition, an Introductory course called Introductory Biological Chemistry prepares students with an in-depth and interdisciplinary view of biology and chemistry.

Whatever your major, our emphasis on analysis, experimentation, field work, and the practical application of science education to real-world issues ensures you will gain the skills and knowledge you seek in your area of interest.