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Keck Science Department Faculty and Staff Listing

Keck Science: 909-621-8298

Name Email Office Phone Dept Title
Maria Alfaro email KSC 110 909-607-7014 Staff Administrative Assistant
Jennifer A Armstrong email BL 134 909-607-8272 Biology Professor
Amy R. Babbes email KSC 118 909-607-8272 Chemistry Visiting Assistant Professor
Cheryl Baduini email Pitzer in Costa Rica Biology Associate Professor
Kersey Black email KSC 230 909-607-3091 Chemistry Professor
Jason Borchert email CC E6 909-607-0033 Biology Visiting Assitant Professor
Michael Brown email KSC 131A 909-607-8279 Biology Education Specialist
Sarah Budischak email KSC 131C 909-607-4593 Biology Assistant Professor
Adam Carter email KSC 132 909-621-8250 Staff User Support / Application Specialist
Bethany Caulkins email KSC 104D 909-607-9135 Chemistry Visiting Assistant Professor
Pete Chandrangsu email KSC 134 909-607-5011 Biology Assistant Professor
Melissa J Coleman email KSC B37 909-607-0889 Biology Associate Professor
Walter Cook email CC D3 909-607-2325 Staff Scientific Instrumentation Support Technician
Newton Copp email Biology Professor Emeritus
Thomas Davis email KSC 104A 909-607-0714 Chemistry Lab Lecturer
Thomas Dershem email CC D3 909-607-7542 Physics Lab Lecturer
Brian Duistermars email KSC 214 909-607-3097 Biology Visiting Assistant Professor
Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert email KSC 202 909-607-7068 Biology Associate Professor
Matthew Faldyn email CC E1 909-607-8257 Biology Visiting Assistant Professor
Susie Fang email KSC 12 909-607-8275 Staff Pre-Health Professions Advisor
Elise Ferree email KSC 4A 909-607-8277 Biology Professorial Lecturer
Patrick M. Ferree email KSC 16A 909-607-8304 Biology Associate Professor
Findley Finseth email KSC 212 909-621-8569 Biology Associate Professor
Franck Fu email KSC 104B 909-607-2932 Environmental Science Postdoc
Anthony Fucaloro email KSC 115 909-607-1273 Chemistry Professor
Sarah Gilman email KSC 13 909-607-0715 Biology Associate Professor
Scot A.C. Gould email KSC 113 909-607-3197 Physics Professor
Larry Grill email FL 101 909-607-9134 Biology Visiting Professor
Mary Hatcher-Skeers email KSC 104C 909-607-1586 Chemistry Professor
James Higdon email KSC 117 909-621-8402 Physics Professor
Kyle Jay email KSC 14 909-607-0293 Biology Visiting Assistant Professor
Erin Jones email CC E2 909-607-3081 Biology Visiting Assistant Professor
Cory Kohn email KSC 4B 909-607-4018 Biology Education Specialist
Adam Landsberg email KSC 112 909-607-8016 Physics Professor
Aaron Leconte email KSC 137 909-607-9353 Chemistry Associate Professor
Jacob Levine email KSC 5 909-607-3049 Staff Building Coordinator
Joel L Mackey email KSC 118 909-607-8196 Chemistry Assistant Professor
Sarah Marzen email KSC 116 909-607-0923 Physics Assistant Professor
Margaret Mathies email Biology Professor Emerita
Kyle McCarty email CC E12 909-607-4137 Staff Instrument Technician
Donald A. McFarlane email KSC 43 909.600.8000 Biology & Environmental Science Professor
John Milton email KSC 105 909-607-0024 Biology Professor
Jenna Monroy email KSC 125 909-621-8010 Biology Assistant Professor
Emil Morhardt email Biology Professor Emeritus
Stephen Naftilan email Physics Professor Emeritus
Crystal O’Connor email KSC 110 909-621-8489 Staff Staff
Sadie C Otte email KSC 239 909-607-0924 Chemistry Lab Lecturer
Rachel Paterno-Mahler email CC E7 909-607-2836 Physics Visiting Assistant Professor
Robert Pinnell email Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Matthew Powell email CC E3 909-607-9502 Physics Visiting Assistant Professor
Marion Preest email KSC 11 909-607-8014 Biology Professor
Kathleen Purvis-Roberts email KSC 231 909-607-9782 Chemistry & Environmental Science Professor
Emily (Molly) Roberts email KSC 2 909-607-2954 Biology Postdoc
Colin R. Robins email KSC 238 909-607-7170 Environmental Science Associate Professor
David Sadava email Biology Professor Emeritus
Babak Sanii email KSC 131D 909-607-9851 Chemistry Associate Professor
Lars Schmitz email KSC 124 909-607-7409 Biology Associate Professor
Kevin Setter email CC E4 909-607-9503 Physics Visiting Assistant Professor
Janet Sheung email KSC 103 909-607-8265 Physics Assistant Professor
Stephen Simon email CC D3 909-607-5001 Staff Staff
Ulysses J. Sofia email KSC 111 909-607-2565 Staff Dean of Science
Tessa Solomon-Lane email KSC 102 909-607-7857 Biology Assistant Professor
Helen Tang email KSC 40 909-607-3933 Staff Chemical Hygiene Office
Zhaohua Irene Tang email KSC 201 909-607-9067 Biology Professor
Diane Thomson email KSC 106A 909-607-0029 Biology & Environmental Science Professor
Hou Ung email KSC 131B 909-607-0332 Chemistry Visiting Assistant Professor
Ethan Van Arnam email KSC 211 909-607-2242 Chemistry Assistant Professor
Aditi Vyas email KSC 4A 909-607-9496 Biology Postdoc
Michelle Warter email KSC 104E 909-607-8310 Chemistry Visiting Assistant Professor
Anna G. Wenzel email KSC 213 909-607-0912 Chemistry Professor
Emily Wiley email KSC 210 909-607-9698 Biology Professor
Branwen Williams email KSC 227 909-607-8017 Environmental Science Associate Professor
Nancy S.B. Williams email KSC 228 909-607-1603 Chemistry Associate Professor
Velda Yount email KSC 110 909-621-8298 Staff Program Administrator & Assistant to the Dean
Andrew W. Zanella email Chemistry Professor Emeritus