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The Environmental Analysis Program at the Claremont Colleges is preparing its students to meet the greatest challenges facing humanity in the twenty first century-the need to develop a sustainable civilization in a world under increasing strain from climate disruption economic expansion, population growth, and environmental injustice. The major is deeply interdisciplinary, drawing on the insights of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences so that our students may contribute significantly to such environmental problem-solving fields such as law, policy, medicine, and conservation, global climate change, urban planning, and resource management. It also offers a solid background for careers in community action, environmental education, and urban agriculture.

A student who majors in Environmental Analysis will:

  • Engage, assess, and critique interdisciplinary scholarly literature;
  • Apply relevant theoretical techniques and methodological insights to environmental issues across the disciplines;
  • Conduct original archival, empirical, and/or applied research, individually and collaboratively;
  • Speak and write clearly and persuasively;
  • Understand the real world dimensions of environmental problem-solving.

To build on its robust academic offerings, the Environmental Analysis Program strongly encourages its students to spend a semester abroad. We believe that this vital experience will provide our majors with a richer, cross-cultural appreciation for the profound global dimensions of our environmental situation. Environmentally-focused study abroad opportunities vary from campus to campus.

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Administrative Contact: Anne Tessier

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