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When The Claremont Colleges (TCC) selected Workday to manage critical functions within TCC, it made the strategic choice to adopt best practices and align under a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model. In doing so, TCC recognized that customized and/or heavily tailored systems and solutions were a long-term detriment to the goals of TCC.

In implementing this change of strategic direction, TCC adopted core principles which we should adhere to unless there is a clear, critical strategic reason endorsed by the President’s Council to do otherwise. These core principles are:

  • We should use Workday as designed and delivered.
  • We should use the same processes across all institutions to achieve efficiencies, improve user experience, and align with best practices.
  • We should make the system as simple as possible for end users.
  • In the development of “One Workday for Claremont”, decisions will be made that are not optimal for all end users. These decisions are only made after thoughtful deliberations and after reaching out to users to understand their needs.
  • We will seek to unlock the power of the systems for the betterment of the institutions to enhance the information available to the TCC community.
  • We are committed to making information about the operations and maintenance of the system transparent to the TCC community.


Project Prioritization:

Even following the core principles, there will be continual effort needed to operate and maintain the system.  Examples of projects that will be continually considered include delivered functionality yet to be deployed, enhancing reporting in order to meet administrative functions, integrations with third-party systems, deployment of cross functional reporting to support strategic decision making, and deploying solutions to the system that provide functionality that does not come delivered in Workday.

In order to select which projects should be a higher priority, the Workday Governance Operations Committee (WGOC) has been created and delegated the responsibility of project identification and implementation under the oversight of the Workday Leadership and Governance Committee (WLGC) and ultimately the President’s Council.  When the WGOC identifies the projects to be completed in the immediate future, the deliberations will include considering who the projects affect, what internal and external resources are required (both staff and financial resources), why the project is needed, and when the project needs to be completed by.  All of these considerations seek to maximize the finite resources for the benefit of the TCC community.  The projects will be reviewed by various levels of the governance structure, as necessary, and made transparent to the TCC Community.