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Faculty Mentoring and Collaborative Research

Faculty Mentoring Mission Statement: 

The Claremont Colleges Mentoring Program creates a framework to implement a holistic, multi-dimensional-based mentoring program that fosters a culture that cultivates and celebrates mentoring relationships across our community. The mentoring and collaborative program will contribute to the colleges’ commitment to racial equity, inclusion, and retention and will utilize the resources of our 7 colleges. 

Faculty Mentoring Goals:  

  1. Request consortial membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity 
  2. Review literature to locate evidence-based best practices related to mentoring
  3. Craft short document listing best practices for mentors and mentees 
  4. Provide faculty development: best practices-based training for mentors and mentees
  5. Review OCAC survey results re: faculty mentoring and respond accordingly
  6. Use existing 7C programs to host periodic mentoring events (i.e., make use of 5C New Faculty Orientations)
  7. Cultivate culture of mentoring (i.e., ensuring mentoring is expected and rewarded, aligned with established expectations, ingrained in philosophies and plans, work/life integration)
  8. Develop consortial structure and framework for sustainable mentoring initiatives
  9. Investigate mentoring practices that disrupt hierarchical nature of traditional mentoring
  10. Build visible and accessible database to link 7C mentoring interests and expertise
  11. Regenerate a physical space for faculty to gather (akin to what previously existed at Pomona)

Faculty Collaborative Research Mission Statement:

To be a highly collaborative research hub, facilitating highly productive interactions among both faculty and students so as to generate new knowledge. We aim to increase the depth and breadth of disciplinary, cross-, and trans disciplinary understanding . 

Faculty Collaborative Research Goals

  1. Provide student resources to connect with faculty for research interests
  2. Apply for student research pipeline grant for BIPOC students
  3. Host 7C Research Forum/Salon series
  4. Review OCAC survey results re: faculty research and respond accordingly
  5. Use existing 7C programs to host periodic collaborative research events (i.e., make use of HIVE collaborative research and teaching events and grants)
  6. Disseminate research and funding opportunities across 7C’s
  7. Build sustainable scholar communities (e.g., writing community, disciplinary-based research community, peer review of scholarship and promotion progress)
  8. Link faculty scholarship to Scholarship @ Claremont
  9. Provide clearinghouse for opportunities to publish in different fields
  10. Seed grant fund for collaborative research
  11. Build visible and accessible database to link 7C collaborative research interests and expertise
  12. Regenerate a physical space for faculty to gather (akin to what previously existed at Pomona)

Faculty Mentoring and Collaborative Research Working Group

Tessa Hicks Peterson, OCAC Leeann Nabors, OCAC
Ellen Rentz, CMC Emily Wiley, CMC
Katherine Van Heuvelen, HMC Jessica Tinklenberg, CTL
Andrew Vosko, CGU Eusebio Alvaro, CGU
Jennifer Armstrong, SCR Janet Bishop, LIB
Shana Levin, CMC Fred Leichter, HIVE
Nancy Neiman, SCR Srikanth Kolluru, KGI
Zayn Kassam, POM Jan Roselle, POM


OCAC Grant Funding Opportunity:

The Office for Consortial Academic Collaboration’s initiative on faculty mentoring and collaborative research is offering additional support to PDN (7C Professional Development Network grant) recipients for those interested in advancing faculty mentoring or collaborative research focused proposals.

The Office of Consortial Academic Collaboration (OCAC) aims to support new or existing 7C sustainable collaborative efforts that fall into the categories of faculty mentoring or collaborative research. Funding should be used primarily to create mechanisms for collaborations to be broadly impacting and sustainable over time. Click on the following to complete and submit the application:

OCAC Faculty Mentoring and Collaborative Research Application 2022-2023