8/28/2019: Claremont Data Science Conference

May 14: Data Science Social Hour

December 7: DNA as a Data Storage Device: CRISPR Gene Editing and the Digital Humanities

October 26: Robo Economicus: Artificial Autonomous Evaluation in Light of Data Science Ethics

Data Science Update

Dear Colleagues,

Based on the 50 interviews conducted during Fall 2017, feedback from the 47 people who participated in the charrettes, and input from all of the executive leadership teams of the seven colleges, the Academic Deans Committee has decided to explore in parallel with two data science initiatives: define undergraduate curricular pathways and cultivate capacity within our faculties.

On Thursday, May 10, two interdisciplinary cross-campus teams will gather to draft preliminary 5-page vision statements for these two initiatives.  These vision statements will expand on the ideas that garnered the most interest in the earlier campus conversations, anticipate the work that would be needed to realize these ideas, and offer preliminary budget estimates for the initiatives.

We will host a series of campus conversations first thing next fall to gather input on these vision statements from students, faculty, and staff. In the meantime, if you would like to share your suggestions, please reach out!

Secondly, and as alluded to in the fall, the OCAC has been working to compile rosters both of 7C Data Science courses as well as of academic faculty and personnel. It is important to note that these are both living, evolving documents that do not purport to achieve comprehensiveness. Neither are they intended for any public-facing audience; these are internal documents that seek to catalogue consortial resources.

7C Data Science Course Roster:

This preliminary draft was compiled based on your submissions following a request distributed at the beginning of this semester (specifically, 1/20/2018) and all entries were accepted (our only edits have been to remove duplicates). This will be a living, work-in-progress document that can be refined or expanded over time, and may ultimately help support planning for a data science curricular component in the future. Anyone with the link above may directly edit the document to add, modify, or comment on courses listed therein. We also welcome your general comments respecting format/content.

7C Data Science People Roster:

This initial list includes faculty and staff who have interacted with OCAC’s data science-related efforts to now and those who are on the Claremont Data Science listserv. While it merits repeating that this is merely an internal document, naturally anyone wishing to self-exclude may do so. If you would like to opt-in, please do us the favor of finding (or adding, as applicable) your name, and filling in the remaining fields. Please be brief regarding research interests, but specific enough that colleagues with overlapping interests are able to potentially connect with you.

As a final note, anyone wishing to be added to the Claremont Data Science listserv may simply email collaboration@claremont.edu to make the request.

Thank you for your continued engagement.



Director, Office of Consortial Academic Collaboration, Claremont Colleges
Professor of Social Psychology, Harvey Mudd College
909.607.0204 | collaboration@claremont.edu | collaboration.claremont.edu

February 16: Text Analysis with Prof. Hovig Tchalian

Dear Data Science Colleagues:

The first offering of our Data Science Brown Bag Lunch Series on the topic of


Facilitated by:

Assistant Professor of Practice
Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management
Claremont Graduate University

Will be held:

Friday, February 16, 2018, Noon-1:00 PM
Honnold Conference Room, 2nd Fl., Honnold/Mudd Library

Professor Tchalian will present his current research during the first half. The second half will be dedicated to eliciting your data science research and interests, to help us program future events like this one. Please feel welcomed to bring your lunch with you. You are also encouraged to share this invitation with any faculty/staff colleagues who might be interested.

Please RSVP here.

Envisioning Data Science Charrettes and Project Ideas

November 16: Data Science Research Salon