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Program Expectations

Program Expectations of MMUF Fellows:
New Fellows will be notified of their selection to the MMUF Program in mid-March. Immediately following Commencement in May, new MMUF Fellows will participate in a 5C Academic Research Orientation and Summer Institute. Fellows will learn about activities such as internships and summer research opportunities, the availability of fellowships, study abroad options, and information about how to prepare a competitive portfolio for graduate school applications to selective programs. Immediately following the 10-day Academic Research and Summer Institute, all Fellows will begin their 6-10 week summer undergraduate research or field-relevant internship projects under the guidance of their faculty mentors or as a part of a summer research program.

As juniors and seniors, all MMUF Fellows commit to participating in a weekly MMUF seminar (.25 credits) led by the the MMUF faculty academic coordinators, Professors Pey-Yi Chu and Shahriar Shahriari (Pomona College). In consultation with the faculty academic coordinators and their individual faculty research mentors, students will also participate in a range of activities, such as those listed below:

  • Frequent interactions with Faculty Research Mentor and full participation in MMUF program activities
  • Work closely with their MMUF Library Coach for research support
  • Enroll in an Independent Study course during the Fall semester of junior year in order to conduct research with a Faculty Research Mentor
  • Participation in at least two research experiences (term time or summer). These research experiences may consist of two different projects or the deepening of one research project over two academic semesters or during the summer.
  • Development of a research poster or oral presentation during the summer (or earlier in the academic year) that may turn into the student’s capstone project
  • Writing a senior thesis or project
  • Participating in study abroad or a similar junior year experience (if relevant to field of study)
  • Attendance at a professional meeting
  • Presenting research during the monthly research colloquia
  • Playing the role of reviewer on a colleague’s research project
  • Creating a student portfolio of their work
  • Taking a course that includes experiential or community based learning
  • Participating in field school studies or internships (if relevant to field of study)
  • Submitting a grant or fellowship application
  • Journaling and reflecting on participation in education practices

Some of these activities will be part of the weekly MMUF Academic Research and Leadership Seminar.