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Latest Past Events

Beran’s tests of uniformity for discrete data (Michael Orrison, HMC)

On Zoom

Suppose you are given a data set that can be viewed as a nonnegative integer-valued function defined on a finite set. A natural question to ask is whether the data can be viewed as a sample from the uniform distribution on the set, in which case you might want to apply some sort of test […]

Applied Math Seminar — Almut Burchard (U. Toronto)

Emmy Noether Room, Estella 1021, Pomona College, as well as on Zoom 610 N. College Ave., Claremont

Title: What is the best shape? Geometric problems arising in aggregation models Abstract: How do pair interactions shape the large-scale behaviour of a cloud of particles (animals, social agents ...) ?  In the most basic models, the shape of the cloud is determined by minimizing an attractive-repulsive interaction energy under suitable geometric constraints. When can […]

Contact topology and geometry in high dimensions (Prof. Bahar Acu)

Shanahan B460 (HMC) and Zoom - Hybrid

Title: Contact topology and geometry in high dimensions Speaker: Bahar Acu, Department of Mathematics, Pitzer College Abstract: A very useful strategy in studying topological manifolds is to factor them into ``smaller" pieces. An open book decomposition of an n-manifold (the open book) is a special map (fibration) that helps us study our manifold in terms of its (n-1)-dimensional […]