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On Schauder’s Theorem and $s$-numbers (Daniel Akech Thiong, CGU)

Roberts North 105, CMC 320 E. 9th St., Claremont, CA

Let $\mathcal{L}(X,Y)$ denote the normed vector space of all continuous operators from $X$ to $Y$, $X^*$ be the dual space of $X$, and $\mathcal{K}(X,Y)$ denote the collection of all compact […]

Applied Math Seminar: Adam Waterbury (UCSB)

Shanahan 2407 at Harvey Mudd College Claremont, CA

Title: Approximating Quasi-Stationary Distributions with Interacting Reinforced Markov Chains Abstract: An important question in ecology is what conditions must be met for a population of interacting species to coexist. In […]

On the geometry of lattice extensions (Max Forst, CGU)

Davidson Lecture Hall, CMC 340 E 9th St, Claremont, CA

Given a lattice L, an extension of L is a lattice M of strictly greater rank so that L is equal to the intersection of the subspace spanned by L […]

Applied Math Seminar: Susan Friedlander (USC)

Shanahan 2407 at Harvey Mudd College Claremont, CA

Title: Kolmogorov, Onsager and a Dyadic Model for Turbulence Abstract: We will briefly review Kolmogorov’s ( 41) theory of homogeneous turbulence and Onsager’s ( 49 ) conjecture that in 3-dimensional […]

Prof. Josiah Park

Humanities Auditorium, Scripps College, and Zoom Claremont, CA

Speaker: Josiah Park, Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University