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Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences

What is GEMS?

The Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences program (GEMS) is a once-monthly, Saturday morning workshop designed to get young students excited about math and science. GEMS is designed to reach eighth, ninth and tenth grade students who may have an interest in mathematics or science. The workshops present mathematics and science applications in an exciting way that catches young students’ interest from the surrounding areas. Professors, undergraduates and graduate students from all of the Claremont Colleges take part in the GEMS program, thus offering incoming students, their parents, and teachers a chance to meet and work with excellent and award winning faculty, staff, students and alumni. The GEMS program helps excite the interests and curiosity of young students and shows them how amazing and satisfying the mathematical sciences can be.

Upcoming Events:

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March 2nd SESSION REGISTRATION LINK: https://forms.gle/bBTCq4tvwCFqfvJ7A

April 6th SESSION REGISTRATION LINK: https://forms.gle/gRNkfjHsxTW6W6JD7

Participation is limited to 30 at each workshop. Registration is open and free of charge to all students in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grades. Because each session is independent from the other sessions, a student may choose to participate in one workshop, or all of the workshops. However once a student has experienced one session, it is unlikely he or she will want to miss a single one.

Program format

The Saturday morning workshops begin at 10:00 and go through to 12:00 noon. They typically begin with a forty-five minute presentation by a professor, then a break with a snack, followed by a forty-five minute breakout session, in which students in small groups conduct their own hands-on personal exploration. Each breakout group consists of approximately six to eight students and is assisted by the colleges’ undergraduate and graduate students helping out as mentors. The breakout sessions are followed by group presentations, discussion, worksheets, and fun activities.


GEMS takes place in room 1480 of the Shanahan Center at Harvey Mudd College. You can find the GEMS location by pinpointing the Shanahan Center on this interactive map here: www.hmc.edu/map/

1) Find the “Locations” list on the left panel and click on the “Academic and Administrative” button.
2) Under it, find and click on the button that says “R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning.” It will then highlight the exact location for the GEMS workshops.

Transportation for the young students is provided by the respective school districts (bus, van, carpooling by parents, teachers, etc) or personal transportation. Participants can park for free on any of the surrounding streets, it is recommended that you park around the corner of Dartmouth and Foothill (or anywhere along Foothill) to be closer to the workshop.


GEMS gratefully acknowledges generous support from:

  • Claremont Graduate University’s Blais Foundation Challenge Award and Research Initiatives
  • The Lin Family


Dr. Bhaven Mistry (he/him/his)

Director of GEMS

Email: bhaven.mistry@cmc.edu