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CFLP participants

The purpose of the Claremont Faculty Leadership Program (CFLP) is to cultivate talented and diverse faculty leaders within The Claremont Colleges who are prepared for the challenges of effective leadership and for shaping positive institutional change. Faculty Fellows develop key skills for successful, sustainable, and inclusive leadership as they come together in a multi-event program over the course of the academic year to create social networks and gain a deeper understanding of institutional and consortial challenges and opportunities.

01 Explore
Explore short-term and long-term strategies for promoting institutional health amid the changing landscape in higher education.

02 Identify
Identify the attributes and skills to support successful development into leadership roles, such as resilience, work-life balance, and relational and conflict resolution strategies.

03 Cultivate
Cultivate relationships with current and future academic leaders across The Claremont Colleges.

04 Create
Create a working map of the organization, operations and infrastructure of your home campus as well as the consortium.

05 Collaborate
Effectively utilize and collaborate with people in different institutional roles, including dialogue with non-academic leadership.

06 Develop
Develop means to build bridges and greater understanding between the faculty and financial arms of the institution.

07 Identify
Identify institutional and consortial challenges, tradeoffs, and appropriate resources for resolution.

08 Awareness
Increase awareness of how to manage crises and support all members of the campus community.

09 Identify
Identify behaviors, techniques and practices that promote equity, diversity and inclusion.

10 Create
Create one or more actionable plans to address an institution-level issue important to your home campus or the consortium.