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Trans & Nonbinary at the Colleges

Queer Resource Center Binder Program at the Colleges

The QRC has launched a Binder Program, as an expansion of the Pitzer QTs binder program.

This program provides free gc2b half binders to students of the Claremont Colleges who don’t have the means to purchase one. All contact information on this form is optional to fill out in case you would like to have updates necessary for delivery time/stock information and will only be accessible by QRC staff.

This program will continue to provide binders until the budget for this program is exhausted. Due to budget limitations, please be mindful to request one binder per person, per academic year.

QRC staff will update the form as frequently as possible based on availability and will do our best to update sizes and skin tones as they go out of stock. This form is anonymous, unless you choose to provide contact information, and your binder will go directly to your campus mailbox in a plain campus envelope.

Review type of binder we provide.

Guide to Name Updates and Pronouns at the Claremont Colleges:


To update pronouns, log into your student portal and click on the Student Tab. Once there, you will be able to update pronouns. To change records to reflect your chosen name, first, go over academic policies regarding names. Next, fill out a Chosen Name Request form and submit it to the registrar. The Registrar’s Office will communicate your request to the Information Technology Office and other administrative offices. Your chosen name will appear on the MyCampus2 portal and on Sakai, including Faculty class lists and Advisee Rosters and will remain in effect until you request otherwise. If selected, your email account and Sakai will be updated to reflect your chosen name. Updates in the various systems typically take up to two weeks to process. Aliases in the standard formats (username@students. pitzer.edu, first_last@pitzer.edu) will be added to our email system to reflect your chosen name. The current email aliases will be maintained so there is no interruption in mail to you. Your display name will be updated as well.

Note that chosen names are limited to alphabetical characters, hyphen (-), and space. Pitzer College reserves the right to delete a chosen name if it is used inappropriately, such as misrepresentation or fraud. If desired, you may obtain a campus ID card with your chosen name. The Registrar’s Office will communicate your request to the Claremont Connection office. Because your legal name is an obligatory element of your college record and held by many offices, there may be occasions when faculty, staff, or other individuals use your legal name instead of your chosen name. There are also purposes for which only legal names are used, such as academic transcripts and documents related to Student Accounts and Financial Aid. Other examples include surveys, reports, and ad hoc rosters. Every effort will be made to minimize such exceptions.

Pitzer allows for a student’s chosen name to be used for the diploma. To start a name change process for a diploma, please go to the Registrar’s office and inform them that you would like your chosen name on your diploma. At your request, the Registrar will also use your chosen name in the printed program for graduation. Legal names are used for transcripts. To update the name on your transcript, please provide the Registrar’s Office with a legal valid ID with your chosen name. Any legal and valid ID can be used to update this information.

All housing options at Pitzer College are suite-style, except for CCA apartments.. Students participating in Housing Selection are offered the opportunity to choose their suitemates and roommates. There are no restrictions based on gender in terms of students choosing their suitemates or roommates. Students may indicate their gender preferences in their Roommate Matching Profile in their student portal to assist in searching for LGBTQIA-Identified suitemates and roommates. For more information, please email housing@pitzer.edu All door decs will be left blank so that students can write in their chosen name on move-in day!


The preferred name by which the student wishes to be addressed will display on portal class lists and portal advisee rosters for faculty and can also be displayed on Scripps ID cards and for Scripps email (Outlook). Students may select their pronouns on the Scripps portal, and those pronouns will be displayed on faculty class lists and advisee rosters. Please make a written request to the Registrar (registrar@scrippscollege.edu) at any time during enrollment to change the preferred name. Scripps supports a student’s use of preferred names, though because there is a constellation of different systems in use across the many departments at Scripps (many of which require or only use legal name), at this time we cannot guarantee a student’s preferred name can be reflected anywhere but these places at this time:

  • Portal class lists
  • Portal advisee rosters
  • Display name in Outlook (email address remains unchanged, but the student is searchable by preferred name)
  • Scripps ID card.

If you legally change your name while enrolled, you may present an official government-issued document to the Registrar to request a change to the legal name. Such documents include a birth certificate, current social security card, current driver’s license, current passport, or course order officially changing the name.

Students may request to have their chosen name on their diploma. Diploma names can be confirmed via a portal process available to students in their final year of enrollment. For students who have left the College and seek a replacement diploma bearing their preferred name or new legal name, contact the Registrar to make this request. There is a $75 diploma replacement fee (fee subject to change) and 4-6 weeks for processing and issuing the new document. A student’s legal name at the time of attendance remains on the transcript in perpetuity. An exception is made for students who transition after they leave the College, and upon presentation of government-issued documents (such as a birth certificate, current social security card, current driver’s license, current passport, or course order officially changing the name), transcript names can be changed.


We are very committed to working with trans students to enable them to use chosen names at the College. While your legal name cannot be changed except by court order, it is possible to have your chosen name appear on the class rosters that faculty use on My.Pomona, in the My.Pomona student directory, on the Sakai site, and in your email username. To begin the process of changing to your preferred name, fill out the Preferred (“Chosen”) Name Memorandum of Understanding form on the Portal, located under My Student Life. Once the form is completed, your chosen name will appear in the following places:

  • Pomona and Sakai
  • Student Directory
  • Faculty Class lists and advisee rosters
  • Email account

The Registrar will also inform the alumni office and the mail room of your chosen name. Please allow for two weeks to see the appropriate changes. Additionally, you can list your pronouns, which are then shared with the faculty whose classes you are enrolled across the five undergraduate colleges

Once a chosen name is processed via the Chosen Name portlet, students are able to go to Housing and Res Life to request a new ID card with their chosen name reflected. Students who are transitioning can also obtain an ID card with an updated picture free of charge. Please be mindful that our names appear in many places, and the legal name is the default for the majority of records–so our efforts to support chosen names cannot be completely comprehensive without a legal name change. There are also purposes for which only legal names are used, for example in student accounts and financial aid. If you legally change your name, contact the Registrar’s office; all College documents will then refer to your new legal name.

The Pomona Registrar will contact students before graduation to ask what name they would like to appear on their diploma. Students have the choice to reflect their chosen name. Pomona Registrar will issue a diploma with both the legal name and chosen name. Both documents will be signed by the president and trustee. However, only the diploma with the legal name can be notarized, apostilled, etc. To have alumni reissue their degree if they have changed their name, the registrar office requires an issued copy of the relevant court order.

Pomona College has gender inclusive housing available for all students. You can find out more information about Pomona’s Gender Inclusive Housing on the HRL page.

Harvey Mudd

The Registrar’s Office will add your preferred name to the HMC student information system. Please note that this update does not automatically update your information with the CIS HelpDesk or other administrative offices. You will need to contact the CIS Help Desk <helpdesk@hmc.edu> if you wish to update your email username. Other administrative offices will be notified as they request information from the Registrar’s Office.

Chosen names are referred to as Campus Name to acknowledge that this is the student’s name as they’d like to be called, while recognizing that it is not their legal name. Visit the Registrar’s Office Forms page and under Other Forms you will find the HMC Campus Form for Current Students link.

To update email students are advised to open a ticket via helpdesk@hmc.edu. The Connection, located in the library, will reprint IDs if the campus name is recorded in the system. Please check with registrar before heading to connections to make sure campus name is updated.

Diploma information can be updated via the graduation application. Whether or not a student has a campus name on file with the registrar office, the graduation application allows students to specify how they would like their name to appear on their diploma. While the transcript requires the legal name, students can specify how they would like to be named on their diploma and how they would like their name read at the ceremony.

Claremont McKenna

While your legal name cannot be changed except by court order, it is possible to have your chosen name appear on class rosters, on Sakai, and in your email username. To change records to your chosen name, fill out the Additional/Preferred Name request form at the CMC Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will add your chosen name to the CMC student information system and communicate your request to Information Technology Services and other administrative offices. Updates typically take about two weeks to process. Please be mindful that your name appears in many places, and your legal name is the default for official College records, including your transcript. Additionally, you can add your personal pronouns to the portal. If you have questions or problems in requesting a chosen name or listing your pronouns, please stop by the Registrar’s Office or send an email to registrar@cmc.edu

Students can fill out the following form to update their chosen name. CMC will configure the system so the student’s chosen name shows up on PERM requests, class lists, etc. CMC will also contact the Dean of Students and ITS so that those offices can be adjusted as well. To update pronouns, please log into your student portal and click on Student Information. Once there, you will be able to update this information.

Please Note* – Students must call the number on the back of their ID card and talk with the department that prints cards about coming in to have their chosen name printed on their ID card.

When students are set to graduate, CMC has a Graduation Portal where students are asked about name. Legal name is populated by default, but students have the ability to add a name on the graduation portal. That name will be honored in the commencement program and on their diploma. Similarly, at the commencement ceremony, a reader will read their chosen name. During the run-up-to commencement, graduating students fill out an “application to graduate”, and they can indicate how they want their diploma name to appear.

Keck Graduate Institute

Students indicate their chosen name at the time of admissions for such things as emails, ID’s, names on class rosters, and commencement programs. While students are able to indicate a preferred name with their admissions application, their emails, IDs, and names on class rosters will still use their legal name. The one exception is that students can request a preferred name to be used on the commencement program. However, the form that used still asks for the student’s full legal name. Currently there are no pronouns listed on class rosters at KGI.

KGI is a graduate and professional institution with many of their students sitting for State Board exams. Therefore, it is KGI’s policy that diplomas and transcripts must be in students legal name (when sitting on board exams students must produce their official ID, transcript, diploma, and all names must match or they will not be allowed to sit on the exam).

Claremont Graduate University

Name changes should be requested in person at the Registrar’s Office. You will be asked to complete a Change of Personal Information form. If you are unable to submit your request in person, you may complete the form and submit with notarized copies of your documentation. CGU requires official documentation and may include court orders declaring your new name or a newly issued driver’s license or passport with your photo and new name. When making a change with the Registrar, be sure to specify the type of name you are changing-primarily (legal) or preferred name.

*Note that the legal name is the name used on transcripts, diplomas, and ID cards. E-mail addresses are not changed automatically. Be sure to mark the checkbox on the form if you wish to change the name of your cgu.edu e-mail consistent with your name change request. Email aliases can be created with preferred name; however, legal name will appear next to the preferred name.

To update pronouns, please log into your student portal and click on the Oracle PeopleSoft tile. Once there, you will click on the Profile tile, followed by the Biographic Tab option, and you will have the option to edit pronoun information.

Gender Affirming Healthcare at the Claremont Colleges:

Student Health Services offers students the ability to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy or continue coverage for students enrolled and taking classes at the 5 undergraduate institutions (Scripps College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, and Pomona College), which you can learn more about Gender Affirming Care. In addition, Student Health Services offers a range of sexual and reproductive health services including PEP and PrEP medications. Student Health Services also offers discreet HIV and pregnancy testing outside your medical record. Regardless of the results, resources are provided as part of your visit. View the Introduction to SHS presentation.

Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services is available and accessible for students at the 5 undergraduate institutions (Scripps College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, and Pomona College) at the Claremont Colleges which you can learn more about Gender Affirming Care There is a list of MCAPS staff who provide gender affirming counseling, are able to write letters for gender affirming healthcare for patients. Dr. Emily Hauck is currently the liaison to the Queer Resource Center from MCAPS.