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Curriculum Coordination

The Claremont mathematics faculty has a history of working cooperatively to enhance the curriculum in Claremont, has demonstrated creativity and excellence in teaching, and has shown dedication to supporting outreach activities to our community. Cross-department collaboration in teaching, especially in the upper-division courses, has been the norm in Claremont for very long time. Consequently, the range of offerings is extensive and comparable to the course offerings of a single large university.




Asuman Aksoy (CMC) Sandy Grabiner (Pomona)

Mike O’Neil (CMC) Winston Ou (Scripps)

Stephan Garcia (Pomona)


Number Theory


Shariar Shariari (Pomona) Anie Chaderjian (Scripps)

Gizem Karaali (Pomona) Lenny Fukshansky (CMC)

Ghassan Sarkis (Pomona) Michael Orrison (HMC)

Chris Towse (Scripps) Francis Su (HMC)

Dagan Karp (HMC)



Erica Flapan (Pomona) Vin de Silva (Pomona)

Jim Hoste (Pitzer) Weiqing Gu (HMC)

David Bachman (Pitzer) Sam Nelson (CMC)

Dynamical Systems

Ordinary Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations

Mario Martelli (CGU) Jon Jacobsen (HMC)

Ami Radunskaya (Pomona) Alfonso Castro (HMC)

Richard Elderkin (Pomona) Andrew Bernoff (HMC)

Adolfo Rumbos (Pomona) Rachel Levy (HMC)

Darryl Yong (HMC)

Applied Math

Chiu-Yen Kao (CMC) Lisette de Pillis (HMC)

Ali Nadim (CGU) Andrew Bernoff (HMC)

Ellis Cumberbatch (CGU) Ami Radunskaya (Pomona)

Darryl Yong (HMC) Rachel Levy (HMC)

Deanna Needell (CMC) Blerta Shtylla (POM)

Statistics and Operations Research

John Angus (CGU) Susan Martonosi (HMC)

Johanna Hardin (Pomona) Arthur Benjamin (HMC)

Deanna Needell (CMC) Mark Huber (CMC)