Susan Castagnetto
Phone: (909) 607-8018

Susan Castagnetto has served as Director since 1999.  She also teaches courses in Gender & Women’s Studies and Philosophy at Scripps College and Pomona College, including Philosophy of Feminism, Feminist Ethics, Feminism and Science, and Women, Crime and Punishment.  She has worked extensively with community-based organizations that address feminist issues, particularly focusing on criminal justice, and has developed partnerships to sponsor projects and events. In 2007-2008, she was a fellow with the Women’s Policy Institute, sponsored by Women’s Foundation of California, working with other fellows to develop and pass state legislation extending the amount of time that parents in prison have to meet requirements for reuniting with their children in foster care.  She organizes a series of creative writing workshops each semester that brings together students at the Claremont Colleges and women incarcerated at the California Institution for Women.  She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Santa Clara and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stanford University.

Program Assistant
Marney Martin
Phone: (909) 621-8274

Marney Martin joined the Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement as program assistant in October 2016. She has been a member of the Claremont Colleges community since 2013, previously serving in the Office of the President and Board of Trustees at Scripps College. Marney is a native of Chicago, IL and is currently living in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. She holds a B.S. in Finance and M.A. in Economics from Eastern Illinois University, as well as a Human Resources Professional certification. She has greater than fifteen years’ experience spearheading and coordinating diversity and inclusion initiatives in the public and private sectors.

Administrative Assistant
Phoebe Bass
Phone: (909) 607-3250



Liwam Nerayo (She/Her) is a junior at Pomona College studying Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Biology. She enjoys practicing Tigrinya with her parents, visiting LA’s Natural History Museum and walking by the Pomona College Farm. Liwam has been helping to organize prison-related programs. She is excited to explore resources that center women in international black liberation movements. She also worked with the 5C Prison Abolition Club and the Claremont Christian Fellowship. Liwam would like to create events that explore the intersections black feminist praxis, prison abolition and public health.