National Women's Studies Association Wikipedia Initiative

The goal of the NWSA Wikipedia Initiative is simple: Make information available about women's studies and feminist topics on Wikipedia as complete and accurate as possible. To reach that goal, NWSA is encouraging our members to contribute content to Wikipedia or make use of Wikipedia-based assignments for students as part of your coursework, in partnership with the Wiki Education Foundation.

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Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault at The Claremont Colleges

Faculty News

  • Nancy Macko (Art, Scripps) premieres her newest art show, "The Fragile Bee," at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, Calif. The exhibition highlights Macko's photographic and mixed media art installations. The show opens May 9 and runs through June 28. Professor Macko leads an insightful talk explaining the art show on June 28 from 2 to 4 p.m.

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Watch the documentary "War Zone" online
WAR ZONE is about sex, power, and what happens when men - either knowingly or unknowingly - threaten a woman's right to walk undisturbed on the streets.  What exactly do catcalls, leers, or a whole litany of other behaviors mean to a woman?  And why do men engage in these behaviors? Shot all over the United States, Maggie Hadleigh-West turns her camera on men in the same way that they turn their aggression on her.

WAR ZONE is 76 minutes of explosive footage as the filmmaker places herself in very real danger by daring to ask the men on the streets why they are treating a complete stranger in a sexual way.  In the process, she has been hit, yelled at, apologized to and engaged in mesmerizing conversations with the men that have harassed her.  Through these conversations, Hadleigh-West reveals the anger, fear and frustration as well as the affection, admiration and humor that characterizes relationships between men and women.

This movie is guaranteed to get men and women talking about their often very different experiences in public!