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Call for Spring 2024 Course Information

Each semester, IFC compiles a list of women’s studies courses to be offered the following semester and publishes them in a course brochure.  To be listed, courses must either be already approved or must be submitted for approval to either the home institution or to IFC as instructed below. (Courses that have not been approved or that are no longer approved will not be included in the IFC women’s studies course listing.)

Course Adoption Request Form

If the course you plan to teach in Spring 2024 has already been approved, please contact IFC at IFC@scrippscollege.edu. Please provide the following information:

Instructor’s name:
Instructor’s telephone ext.:
Course #:
Course Title:
Day/Time when this course will be offered:
Brief course description, if available:

If the course you plan to teach in Spring 2024 has not yet been approved, you must submit it for approval as follows:

  1. Courses at Pitzer, Pomona, or Scripps.  Contact the chair of GFS (Pitzer), GWS (Pomona), or FGSS (Scripps) regarding the procedure for cross-listing approval.  (Once approved, IFC will be informed, and the course will be added to the IFC list.)
  1. Courses at CMC, Harvey Mudd, or CGU (if open to undergraduates).  The IFC Steering Committee will review the course for approval.  Please complete the second page of the form and submit to IFC, IfC@scrippscollege.edu, or VN 107 / PMB 2005, Scripps College.