How to Write a Press Release

Here is a sample press release:

For Immediate Release…                                                       

Contact: Name, Phone Number, Email

Compelling, attention grabbing heading goes here

Subhead with additional detail goes here

City, State – [Date release goes over the wire] Summary/overview of facts, including the who, what, where, when as well as why the press should care to write about your event/news story

Paragraph 1:  Additional details about the announcement.  The most IMPORTANT info goes in this paragraph.

Paragraph 2:  Even more details about the announcement.  Also include in this paragraph a quote backing up the claims and statements made above.  Quotes add to validity of the announcement.  Use your discretion regarding who to quote.

Paragraph 3:  Wrap up the announcement, details about availability, meeting times, etc.  You may include info regarding your organization in this paragraph.  The entire release is designed to be one page long at most.

Organization contact info may be placed on the bottom of the press release.  (Website, email, phone, etc.)


Here are some sites with helpful ideas for writing an effective press release: