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Our Team

Hive Team

Our Full Time Team

Fred Leichter
Fred Leichter

Executive Director

Email: fred.leichter@hive.claremont.edu

Fred spent 25 years at Fidelity Investments in Boston, most recently as Senior Vice President of Design Thinking and Innovation, where he also designed Fidelity’s first website in 1996. Fred has also been a lecturer and fellow at the Stanford d.school, where he taught a range of classes such as “Designing with Data,” “Designing for the Law,” and “Project Joy.” Fred is also active in the sport of curling and recently coached his son’s team at the World University Games in Almaty, Kazhakstan.

Contact Fred with questions about or for information on Hive communications, executive strategy, and teaching the Human-Centered Design class (E 180).

Asha Hive photo
Ashwini (Asha) Srikantiah

Senior Director, Strategy

Email: ashwini.srikantiah@hive.claremont.edu

Asha is a creative leader experienced in using human-centered design to build programs that drive systemic change. Asha joins the Hive from—most recently—Fidelity Investments in Boston, where she founded and grew Fidelity’s Student Debt Program, dedicated to helping people plan for, manage, and pay down student debt through employer-sponsored benefits. Prior to that, Asha spent many years working in the film, entertainment, and non-profit arts industries, producing live events, TV shows, short films, and commercials. She holds an undergraduate degree in Television, Radio, and Film from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Asha also has an appointment at Harvey Mudd College as a Clinical Professor of Engineering.

Contact Asha with questions about or for information on the intersection of design, strategy, and storytelling, the arts, and collaboration across the Claremont community.

Linda Shimoda
Linda Shimoda

Creative Platforms Designer

Email: linda.shimoda@hive.claremont.edu

Linda has been with the Hive since its inspiration and inception as the Creativity and Innovation Initiative. Linda is a designer, holding a BS in Design from the University of [hook ‘em, Horns!] Texas at Austin, and is an artist and maker practicing and interpreting Japanese art and aesthetics. She is a world traveler, avid runner, and beholder of all things good for you. Linda has a deep love for art and books, and art in books: shimodaworks.com; chinmusicpress.com

Contact Linda with questions about the Hive’s platforms that enhance creative capacity through programs, projects, processes, and space, as well as information about design and visual identity and expression.

Shannon Randolph
Shannon Randolph

Director of Global Social Impact

Email: shannon.randolph@hive.claremont.edu

Shannon spent 15 years in Africa, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia leading anthropology research and human-centered design work to reframe environmental and health issues from local perspectives. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Stanford University. Shannon has been with the Hive since 2017 teaching classes and workshops on human-centered design, design for environmental behavior change, empathetic listening, and equity-health design. Shannon founded our summer design fellowship program to bring her love of international environmental design and equity health design to students. She loves to adventure, sing, and make art with her two-year-old human. Learn more about Shannon here.

Contact Shannon with questions about or for information on storytelling, community engagement, environmental and anthropological approaches in design, and creative approaches to research.

Linett Luna Tovar

A.D. of Community and Co-Curricular Programming

Email: linett.lunato@hive.claremont.edu

Linett has co-led programming and advocacy efforts in education, immigration, environmental justice, and the arts.  She brings her logistical and mentoring background to ensure the Hive runs smoothly and visitors feel welcome and confident in their inherent creative abilities. Contributing her writing and facilitation practices towards our healing journeys and building a more just world is her lifelong passion project. She holds undergraduate degrees in Performing Arts and Anthropology, an MA in Latin American Studies, and was awarded Best Dog Owner Award five years in a row by her dog Anubis.

Min Pan

Administrative Coordinator

Email: min.pan@hive.claremont.edu

Zoë Kelly

Experience Designer

Email: Zoe.Kelly@hive.claremont.edu

Zoë is a Pacific University class of 2020 alum. She is an enthusiastic collaborator and forever student. With a boundless curiosity for people, she is passionate about advocating for equitable wellness and creating safe spaces to explore outside of one’s own comfort zone. At the core she wants to remind folks to pause and play. In her free time Zoë enjoys being in nature, splashing in water, and enjoying a really good smoothie.

Hunter Sayre

Experience Designer

Email: hunter.sayre@hive.claremont.edu

Hunter is a Pitzer class of 2022 alum, where he majored in Critical Global Geography, and is receiving a Master’s of Information Systems and Technology from Claremont Graduate University in 2023. They love all things art and making, and he has experience in woodworking, sculpture, painting, and more. Hunter loves to combine art with science, and any other discipline, and works on climate and biodiversity related projects. He believes in the value of teamwork and community in the creative process. In his free time, you can find him out somewhere in nature!

Olivia Hewitt

Experience Designer

Email: olivia.hewitt@hive.claremont.edu

Olivia is a Pitzer class of 2022 alum, where she majored in Human-Centered Design. She gets really excited about a good story, and aims to bring that into her work at the Hive, where she’s currently TAing the Human Centered Design classes and dreaming up Season 3 of the Hive’s podcast, The Hive Five. She cares deeply about mental health, community, and writing (which she’s trying to do more of). If you need to find her, she’s probably camped out at her favorite coffee shop justifying her fifth $6.00 coffee of the week.

Madison Quan

Experience Designer

Email: madison.quan@hive.claremont.edu

Madison double majored in Organizational Studies and Environmental Analysis at Pitzer College (‘22) before going on to receive her Master’s of Business Management, with an emphasis in Marketing, at Claremont Graduate University (‘23). At Pitzer, Madison was a member of Pitzer’s Student Impact Council, the Pitzer Student Senate Athletics Commissioner, Pomona-Pitzer SAAC Leadership Chair, and captain of the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Basketball team. She currently holds the program record for career 3-pointers with 164, sits 6th on the all-time points list with 1,313, 5th on the all-time assists list with 359, and 2nd on the all-time steals list with 285. She holds the single-game points record with 41, and the single-game steals record with 10. Madison is a 3-time first-team all-SCIAC selection and 2-time all-west region selection. Outside of the Hive, Madison can be found volunteering with Special Olympics basketball and assistant coaching for the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Basketball Team.

Our Student Team

Kate Weinberg
Kate Weinberg

Forever a part of the Hive

Anna Priya Gupte

Scripps '27

Alexandria Nyx

Pitzer '26

Zo Pancoast

Scripps '25

Anika Gupta

Pomona '24

Perce Alvarez

CMC '25

Skylar Masuda

Pitzer '24

Diya Gangwar

HMC '26

Jane Orkand Lovett

Scripps '25

Kenyatta Dumisani

HMC '25

Louisa Calhoon

Scripps '24

Anabel Cull

Pitzer '26

Alex Arguelles

Pitzer '24

Ian Beck

Pitzer '25

Nicole Cepeda

CMC '25

Reese Rosebeck

Pomona '25

JaQ Lai

Pomona '26

Alex Coleman

Pomona '24

Ellie Sheppick Urfrig

Pomona '26

Theresa Rachelle Provasnik

Scripps '27

Our Steering Committee

Mark Allen, Professor of Art, Pomona College

Timothy Berg, Professor of Art, Pitzer College

Piya Chatterjee, Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies Chair, Scripps College

Leah Mendelson, Assistant Professor of Engineering, Harvey Mudd College

Albert Park, Bank of America Associate Professor of Pacific Basin Studies, Claremont McKenna College

Fred Leichter, Executive Director, Sontag Center; Clinical Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College

Shannon Randolph, Director of Community and Global Engagement, Sontag Center

Linda Shimoda, Creative Platforms Designer, Sontag Center

Asha Srikantiah, Senior Director, Strategy, Sontag Center

Skylar Masuda, Student, Pitzer College 2024

Kenyatta Dumisani, Student, Harvey Mudd College 2025

Oriol Rius Valor, Student, Pomona College 2024

Perce Alvarez, Student, Claremont McKenna College 2025

Our Governance Committee

G. Gabrielle Starr, President of Pomona College

Yuqing Melanie Wu, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Pomona College

Harriet Nembhard, President of Harvey Mudd College

Tom Donnelly, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Harvey Mudd College

Hiram Chodosh, President of Claremont McKenna College

Heather Antecol, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Claremont McKenna College

Strom C. Thacker, President of Pitzer College

Allen Omoto, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Pitzer College

Amy Marcus-Newhall, President of Scripps College

Jennifer Armstrong, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty of Scripps College