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The Mobile Hive

What is the Mobile Hive?

The Mobile Hive is the Hive on the go! We bring Hive events and activities that promote collaborative creativity to different places around the 5C campuses using our Mobile Hive cart.

What collaborative and creative activities does the Mobile Hive offer?

The Mobile Hive offers a variety of different activities that range from painting to team building to sharing your failures! We want to encourage people to collaboratively create and connect with others.

Here are some of the activities the Mobile Hive supports:

  • Pop up painting excursions
  • Chalk decorating
  • Post card designing
  • Group bonding icebreakers
  • Dorm decorations
  • Wellness crafting breaks
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Design crash course
  • and more!

How can I reserve the Mobile Hive?

We encourage groups to reach out and plan an event with one of the Hive staff members.

Please fill out the following form to reserve

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