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Social Impact Design

Funded by the Hive and a generous donor, the 2022 Hive Social Impact Design Fellowship Program directly empowered three student teams to apply design thinking in the world for positive social impact. This 10-week fellowship included 7 Claremont Colleges students receiving $4500 stipends each. Each team was mentored by Hive faculty in a combination of equity based, human-centered design, and systems thinking. Learn more about each project below.

Above: Jonah Ifcher (PZ ’24), Max Sweeney (PZ ’23), and Mahren Hudson (PZ ’23)

Eating Culture:

Jonah (PZ ’24), Max (PZ ’23), and Mahren (PZ ’23) are the tremendous trio focusing on ways to improve eating culture at The Claremont Colleges through their project, “Eating Culture.” College-age people are at high risk of developing eating disorders. This team is addressing how social pressures and food access affect students’ vulnerability to developing negative eating habits during their transition and time at college. Their goal is to promote a more positive relationship between students, food, and the community by supporting 5C students in identifying questionable food habits and liberating them from harmful diet culture.

Visit Eating Culture’s website!

Above: Daniel Bonilla (PZ ’25) and Perce Alvarez (CMC ’25)

The Humanity Project:

Daniel Bonilla (PZ ’25) and Perce Alvarez (CMC ’25) are the wunderkind visionaries behind their design project, “The Humanity Project.” The Humanity Project aims to create resources for sexual health and a safe space for conversations that are inclusive to all sexualities and gender identities, with a particular focus on marginalized and BIPOC youth who face unique struggles within the LGBTQI+ community. They hope to bring together a community of youth and college students who are empowered, feel represented, and take pride in knowing their individual health.

Watch The Humanity Project! 

Above: Tommy Shenoi (PZ ’24) and Paul Grandchamp (PZ ’24)

Starting from Seed:

Tommy Shenoi (PZ ’24) and Paul Grandchamp (PZ ’24) are a dynamic and creative duo working on their design project, “Starting from Seed,” which aims to explore the connection between students and natural spaces at The Claremont Colleges. This team is designing opportunities for placemaking, grounding, and environmental education.

Visit Starting From Seed’s Story map!

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