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Student Creativity Grants

Student Creativity Grant

The Hive student creativity grant program supports projects by evoking and enabling creative growth within and between 5C students. This grant program supports students who need access to creative resources such as funding, materials, space, or mentoring for their important creative endeavors.

The Hive prioritizes proposals that develop a skill or fulfill a creative goal; and are collaborative, for projects and activities where resources are shared by team members.

Once creative projects are completed, teams are encouraged to share what they’ve created through written, visual, or physical artifacts, as well as conduct a workshop with the Hive to demonstrate to others their project’s process, highlights, and challenges.

Awarded Grants

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 - Summer 2023

Alexandria Nyx + 17 cast and crew members
Lost at Sea
This film project explores themes of grief, death/loss, healing, trans resilience, and childhood trauma, showcasing a story not typically seen in mainstream media. Queer characters typically look like a Hollywood stereotype or die off for no reason, but this film shows a queer, trans person of color discovering love in a world built against them, finding people who have their back throughout life, and suffering great loss and recovering from it.

Annika Hoseth + 10 cast members
It Just Takes Time: A New Musical
A student team writes, produces, and directs an original ensemble musical about a variety of characters and their perspectives and experiences during the pandemic. Through situational exaggeration and light-hearted storytelling, the characters share lessons learned and personal growth. The production includes a cast of 10 members from The Claremont Colleges, performing in the Seaver Large Studio April 21-23.

Brian Bishop
Alexej Latimer
Building off two prior student creativity grants involving art and performance, this project explores fashion and moving artwork. Two questions are posed: How can we bring still art to life utilizing new technologies? How can we express ourselves as artists more holistically? To answer, animations are created that showcase the intersection between fashion and dancing.

Isabel Fajardo
Quilt for Migrant Children 
Over the past several decades there has been an influx of Latin American migrants to the United States, many of them seeking refuge or asylum. Migrants are often given a reflective plastic sheeting called Mylar to keep warm in inhumane detention facilities, where many children suffer and die. To counter the acerbity of such a garment, as well as its association with children, creating this quilt symbolizes their struggle and offers them grace. Each square of the quilt represents one child who died while in customs and immigration custody.

Kushnerniva Laurent
Hyperaware Online Zine
Hyperaware is an online zine dedicated to music, art, social issues, and events of interest. Cultivating a print version of Hyperaware, released 2-3 times a year, fleshes out the different formats the zine can be offered. To boost additional awareness and interest, vinyl stickers and signs are created and shared.

Lauren McAllister
5C Music Room
5C students need and want a room where they can gather and play band instruments. To meet this need, this project renovates a music room with Hive-like design, and outfits it with musical instruments that student musicians can collaborate and compose with. The students also use these collaborations and instruments to attend open mics and jam at the Hive and other outdoor spaces.

Marina Shishkina
Sasha Shunko
Alexej Latimer
Kirby Kimball
Ukraine on the West Coast
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is erasing Ukraine as an independent state and a distinct people. This project counters that erasure through the art of twelve Ukrainian artists in five pop-up gallery shows across the West Coast. The shows inform and navigate the public toward peace and combat disinformation about the war, as well as provide a voice for emerging and established Ukrainian artists. Ukrainian artists in the U.S. will expand their network within the art world, give them a platform to share their work, and serve as a necessary reminder of the ongoing suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Miller McCraw
False Idols: Clay Representations of World’s Vices
A collection of clay sculptures represents some of the negative influences that can affect mental health and wellbeing. These small clay sculptures represent entities like money, fame, and beauty to visually show their allure, but also their long-term negative effects and impacts.

Natasha Gardiner-Feldman
Timi Balogun
PZ Threads 5C Fashion Show
The 3rd annual PZ Threads 5C Fashion Show showcases the sustainable clothing collections of 10 Claremont Colleges student designers. Held at the CMC Athenaeum, the 5C community supports and enjoys the student designers’ creativity and talent.

Paris Masiel
Ellie Griffin
Jason Nguyen
Corners Narrative Film
This student team creates a short film that is a poignant, dialogue-driven story focused on characters who are faced with the cruel nature of fate, and how they react to it in their own distinct ways.

Ryan Lillestrand
Shaping Alaia: Beauty and Simplicity in the Waves
This project examines the deeply complex relationship between surfing and environmentalism. While surfers rely entirely on the natural world to provide the means for surfing, there has historically been a longstanding rift between the surfing community and the modern environmental movement. From imperialism to colonialism, from coastal land rights disputes to the current environmental crisis, politics has always been intimately interwoven into surfing’s global story. Historic surf craft is explored by shaping two Alaia boards, one to the exact specifications of the original Hawaiian boards, and one that reflects the exciting resurgence of Alaias in the past twenty years.

Samson Zhang
David Lee
DIY Electric Scooter + Video
This collaborative team builds an electric scooter from scratch (from aluminum pieces/stock, motor kit) and makes a video documenting the process This project paves the way for larger, creative and technical projects (and builds something useful along the way). A YouTube video documenting this project serves as a resource for others at the 5Cs and beyond.

Sarah Meilinger
Pomona College
Peacock Shawl
5C Stitch n Bitch takes on the knitting of a peacock shawl, an involved project that uses 3000 yards of lace weight yarn.

Tesfa Asmara
Pomona College
Computers in Liberal Arts Research Experiences (C.L.A.R.E.) Club
C.L.A.R.E. Club centralizes software licenses and hardware across The Claremont Colleges by coordinating the budgets and values of the various Colleges to provide computer resources and support to everyone managed by students. This student creates various applications to showcase his latest algorithm (currently used on servers provided by Modal Labs and the Yale Center for Research Computing) and hosts them on servers provided by The Claremont Colleges through C.L.A.R.E. Club. The club moves from TCC servers to managing its own server that will host their 5C-wide applications.

Tommy Shenoi
Pitzer College
Wildcrafting, Art with Nature, and the Ethics of Foraging
This project encourages a lived understanding of wildcrafting through the exploration, craftsmanship, and development of a portfolio of wildcrafting art pieces through several different art modalities (cyanotypes, suminagashi, native plant and mushroom dyes). The student builds a perspective and opinion (influenced by different locations traveled) on whether and when it is appropriate to forage and wildcraft and identifies ethical ways to wildcraft (topics include reciprocity, utilizing invasive species versus natives).

Yaodong (Donny) Lu
Pomona College
IoT Health Care and Sustainability
This project uses Arduino and raspberry pi to create wearable tech that encourages people to maintain a sustainable and healthy living environment. This is the second part of this student’s self-directed learning of electrical engineering, with this part focusing on human-centered design and making a product that can help other people solve their problems. This student is also a mentor for another student wanting to create and build a smart mirror, part one of this project that this student successfully built last academic year with a student creativity grant.

Total Proposals Submitted = 33
Total Grants Awarded = 16
Total Students Awarded = 51
Total Grant Awards = $9549

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

Four creativity grants were awarded to two students, both from Pomona, working on self-initiated and self-development projects for a total of $5770 in grant funds. The creative projects included:

  • Design, develop, equip and install, implement and engage the Hive SoundBox audio recording studio for Claremont Colleges students and faculty
  • Practice and learn product design in electrical engineering through hands-on smart mirror design and implementation
  • Present and appreciate art in a unique way by creating an original art piece through a shared hair dyeing experience and event
  • Create, perform, and release a soundtrack of music inspired by and written during the hair dyeing art piece experience