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Student Creativity Grants

Student Creativity Grant

The Hive student creativity grant program supports projects by evoking and enabling creative growth within and between 5C students. This grant program supports students who need access to creative resources such as funding, materials, space, or mentoring for their important creative endeavors.

The Hive prioritizes proposals that develop a skill or fulfill a creative goal; and are collaborative, for projects and activities where resources are shared by team members.

Once creative projects are completed, teams are encouraged to share what they’ve created through written, visual, or physical artifacts, as well as conduct a workshop with the Hive to demonstrate to others their project’s process, highlights, and challenges.

Awarded Grants

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

Four creativity grants were awarded to two students, both from Pomona, working on self-initiated and self-development projects for a total of $5770 in grant funds. The creative projects included:

  • Design, develop, equip and install, implement and engage the Hive SoundBox audio recording studio for Claremont Colleges students and faculty
  • Practice and learn product design in electrical engineering through hands-on smart mirror design and implementation
  • Present and appreciate art in a unique way by creating an original art piece through a shared hair dyeing experience and event
  • Create, perform, and release a soundtrack of music inspired by and written during the hair dyeing art piece experience
Spring 2021

15 creativity grants were awarded to 33 students in collaborative groups from all five of The Claremont Colleges undergraduate campuses for a total of $2310 in grant funds. The breadth and variety of creative projects included:

  • Create a visual demonstration of “infection” on both the micro- and macro- level through painting
  • Recreate popular trends in social media with knitting/crocheting
  • Use film and photography to encapsulate the experiences of international students in the US during the pandemic
  • Record and lead cooking sessions to continue to fuel the food loving community
  • Design a sustainable clothing collection
  • Create personal pocket art kits
  • Design silicone molds and 3D prints for constructing resin figures
  • Create a space for women, femmes, trans, and nonbinary folks to experiment with stand up comedy
  • Design eyeglasses that aid artists in their creative processes by enhancing vision and reducing strain
  • Showcase and share Latinx identity through collaborative artistic expression
  • Implement a series of workshops on the creation of characters, worlds, and stories for books and short stories
  • Design a series of mixed medium pieces to analyze the influence of region on the Black, Mexican-American, and American Indian (AIM) civil rights movements
  • Create block print stamps that depict themes of social activism, collectiveness, harmony, and mindfulness
Fall 2020

64 creativity grants were awarded to students and groups from all five of The Claremont Colleges undergraduate campuses for a total of $7553 in grant funds. The breadth and variety of creative projects included:

  • Create, draft, and sew a historically accurate 1880s gown and coat piece set
  • Craft a recipe book for students living alone and cooking for themselves during the pandemic
  • Start a collaborative "letter in a bottle" art exchange by sending a notebook back and forth between two quarantine locations
  • Design and illustrate a book chronicling the expression of common young adult feelings of hopelessness, uncertainty, freedom, etc.
  • Document and share via print medium the stories, experiences, and art of undocumented folks
  • Create costumes and styling for student drag performance
  • Upcycle clothing by disassembling thrift clothing to create new and interesting pieces
  • Make sculptural soap and candles with de-stressing scents
  • Publish a digital zine focused on Indigenous and settler-descended youth sharing art and thoughts
  • Explore visual storytelling strategies for a social enterprise focused on providing water access to people who need it the most
  • Design and make apparel for Claremont Colleges' Womxn's Rugby team-building
  • Run digital design skill-shares with a focus on learning Adobe Suite applications
  • Develop and launch the Claremont Mental Health Initiative website
  • Host a "paint night" highlighting Ethiopian and Eritrean artists
  • Begin a podcast series centered on open conversation about the place of women in society
  • Print and distribute creative literary and arts magazine displaying students' creative endeavors
  • Create a stop motion animation about a girl's adventure among an invasive species
  • Create and sell beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to redistribute profits to Black Lives Matter organizations
  • Promote environmental sustainability and climate action through artwork
  • Explore affordable ways to develop a creative process with less of an impact by making paints and pigments with no toxins, natural minerals, and plant based materials
  • Design and embroider custom patches and sweatshirts
  • Design and create a landscape for a spiritual site
  • Create a documentary exploring the aesthetics of queer performance
  • Chronicle and share simple methods of self care that can be done to ease stress and anxiety
  • Lead a workshop in pysanky (a traditional Ukrainian art which involves selectively dying eggshells)