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Human-Centered Design Courses

At the Hive, we teach project-based classes rooted in Human-Centered Design (HCD). HCD is a creative problem solving framework that draws from anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, design, and engineering. Using this framework, human-centered designers can better understand how to approach and solve ambiguous, real-world problems. We coach our students in applying HCD to a range of challenges, from healthcare to education to environmental sustainability. Most of our classes involve project based learning, and past partners include Starbucks, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Intuit.

We have three foundational classes that we offer every year: Introduction to Human-Centered Design, Advanced Topics in Human-Centered Design, and Design for Environmental Behavior Change. We also offer one or two new, experimental classes each year in the form of Independent Studies. Each class is tailored to different experience levels, so whether you have just heard of Human-Centered Design for the first time, or have been practicing it for years, there’s a place for you in our classroom studios.

Students at many of the Claremont Colleges have the option to self-design a Major, Minor, or Concentration in Human-Centered Design. Self-designing a degree or concentration requires specific permissions from both your college and the HCD teaching team at the Hive. Interested in this path? Speak to your faculty advisor and a Hive faculty member to learn more.