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Print Lab Proctor Hours + Open Hours

Print Lab: Proctor Hours / Appointment Booking

Students are able to sign up for Proctor hours to get trained to use the Print Lab by themselves. Each session has a time of 2 hours so that students can practice as much as they want, but staying for the full 2 hours is not required.


Thursday: 3:30-5:30pm
Sunday: 3-5pm

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Print Lab: Open Hours / Appointment Booking

The Hive’s Print Lab “Open“ hours are for students who have gone through the necessary training via our Skill Shares and/or Proctored Hours and have proven their knowledge of the methods and procedures dictated by the Print Lab.

During Open Lab students are able to work on their projects without proctored supervision for certain blocks of time. Students are allowed to reserve the space in 30 minute time blocks. These students are responsible for leaving the Print Lab in a condition better than they found it.

General Rules

  1. The student must have approval from a Print Lab Proctor (Margaret Kraus, Ale Maldonado, or Skylar Masuda) or Hive Post Bac (Nick Endicott, Wing-Yee Law)
  2. Coat as many screens as you used during your session before you leave.
  3. Clean up after yourself or Print Lab access will be revoked for a year.
  4. If you want to save a screen (up to 2 weeks), label in tape on the screen your name and the date the screen was burned. You may have up to 2 screens saved at a time.
  5. Any screen that is burned must be cleaned after two weeks.


Monday: 2-8:30 pm
Tuesday: 2-5 pm
Wednesday: 2-8:30 pm
Thursday: Proctor Hours, 6:30-8:30 pm
Friday: 2-8:30 pm
Saturday: 1:30-5:30 pm
Sunday: Proctor Hours

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