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Semester Calendar

Explore our upcoming events below!

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01.26 SKETCH A STRANGER- Join us to sketch someone you don't know! We will help you with the basics of sketching, and you may just find a friend for life.


02.01 THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN DESIGN W/ KAREEM COLLIE-Join Kareem Collie, co-editor of The Black Experience in Design and former Hive faculty, for an evening of candid and thought-provoking conversation with peers. This is a hybrid event with pizza for in-person attendees! Everyone will be entered into a raffle to win a copy of The Black Experience in Design book!

02.07 PERSONAL PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT- Come learn tips on making an effective portfolio from graphic designer Becca Lofchie. Anyone can join, whether you already have a portfolio or if you’re just starting to think about one for the first time.

02.17 NATIVE PLANT SCAVENGER HUNT-Join us for a fun and educational Southern California native plant and seed scavenger hunt on the 5C campuses! Foraged food snacks will be provided for participants.

02.22 COMEDIC STORYTELLING- Join stand-up comedian and educator Jonathan Aragon alongside Professor Shamini Dias of CGU to learn the basics of joke writing, storytelling, and delivering an engaging performance.


03.07 PRINTS IN ZINES IN PRINTS- We'll merge the art of linoleum block carving and printing with zine-making! Join the Hive and the 5Zines Club to create collaborative zines featuring your original prints.

03.22 GENDER AFFIRMING TAILORING SESSION- Grab some clothes from your closet (pun intended) and join us in this gender affirming tailoring of your clothes! Whether you know how to sew or not, drop by to learn some skills that will aid in your journey toward feeling comfortable.

03.28 DIGITAL DESIGN W/ ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR- Learn the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator to create graphics for posters, digital art, and more!


04.01 SPARKATHON- Sparkathon is on! 5C students will compete in small teams to collaboratively solve a real-world problem using design thinking. Three teams who display exceptional collaboration and creativity will win thousands in prize money!

04.04 EMBODYING TRANSFORMATIVE JUSTICE- How do we challenge the carceral system between us and within us? By practicing applied theater methods of building toward liberation. Join in our partnership with the 5C TJ/RJ Collective.

04.08 ANTI-TIE-DYE- Tie-dye was adopted by a generation of 70s rebellious youth, making the style a symbol of peace worn by the free-spirited. We’ll anti-tie-dye by tying off colored fabrics and reverse dying with bleach. But we’ll keep the peace, love, and happiness bit.

04.15-04.16 HOLLYWOOD WRITERS ROOM- In this weekend-long writing intensive, Wendy Molyneux, a Pomona alum who is an EP and writer on Bob’s Burgers and co-creator of The Great North, will introduce participants to skills needed for the writers room, including story-breaking, joke pitching, carding an episode, and what to do when your pitch bombs!


Click here for a copy of our Spring 2023 Programming Calendar