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Sound Box Open Hours

Sound Box: Open Hours / Appointment Booking

The Hive’s Sound Box “Open“ hours are for students who have gone through the necessary training via our Skill Shares and/or Proctored Hours and have proven their knowledge of the methods and procedures dictated by the Sound Box. Students who have gone through this process be given a password to book open hours.

During Open hours students are able to work on their projects without proctored supervision for certain blocks of time. Students are allowed to reserve 2.5 hour blocks of time on the weekdays and 4 hour blocks of time on the weekends  These students are responsible for leaving the Sound Box in a condition better than they found it.

General Rules

  1. The student must have approval from the Sound Box Proctor, Brian Bishop
  2. Return the space to the condition it was in when you began
  3. Use the equipment responsibly (i.e. don’t blow out the speakers, turn them off when switching outputs)
  4. Do not use the Sound Box when there is an event or class in Studio 1
  5. When you check in for a session, show your appointment confirmation and student ID to a student staff member to let you into the space

Equipment List

  • Receiver
  • Lights
  • Monitors
  • 4 microphones, 3xlrs, 2 mic stands
  • Audio interface
  • Midi keyboard
  • Headphones
  • BYO computer


Subject to be cancelled if the Hive has an event in Studio 1

Monday: 6-8:30pm
Tuesday: 6-8:30pm
Wednesday: 6-8:30pm
Thursday: Skill Share days or Proctor Hours
Friday: 6-8:30pm
Saturday: 1:15-3:15pm, 3:30-5:30pm
Sunday: 1:15-3:15pm, 3:30-5:30pm
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