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Sound Recording Skill Share

The Hive - 130 E 7th Street, Claremont, CA 91711 130 E. 7th St, Claremont, CA, United States

Do you dream of recording your own music or hosting your own podcast? Our Sound Recording skill share is the perfect first step on that path. Learn how to work with audio equipment and software from your peers at the Hive. RSVP required - Click to register.

Comedic Storytellling

Back by popular demand, this unique opportunity allows participants to learn the basics of joke writing, storytelling techniques, and hone their skills in delivering captivating performances. Facilitated by stand-up comedian and professor Jonathan Aragon; professor and storyteller Shamini Dias; and feature film actor Bryan Truong. No matter your background or experience level, this collaborative workshop […]

Homemade Clay and Sculpture

Look no further! Join us at the Toolbox for a hands-on, fun experience. You'll not only discover how to craft your very own sculpting medium, but also gain insights into basic sculpting techniques. We will explore different uses of this homemade "clay" and the creative possibilities it offers! RSVP recommended - Click to register.

Design Thinking Crash Course

Design thinking is a way to uncover unmet human needs by rapidly generating many potential solutions, creating prototypes, and testing your designs. This fast-paced, hands-on experience gives you a memorable exploration into designing something amazing. A great introduction to the highly-sought-after full course, Human-Centered Design, this course gives students a little taste of what we […]

Printmaking Skill Share

Studio 1 at the Hive—130 E 7th Street, Claremont, CA, 91711

Screen printing is used by many, from artists to fashion industry professionals. In our introductory skill shares, find out what makes this medium so compelling for so many. RSVP required - Click to register.

Upcycling Styrofoam Into Craft

Join us in the Toolbox to imagine, design, and execute sustainable human-centered practices toward our waste culture by creating with Styrofoam. We'll take Styrofoam, which can be hard to recycle and handle, and learn how it can be turned into a smooth plastic that dries hard and can be turned into things like glue, letters, […]

Crafting Your Personal Story

Get ready for Crafting Your Personal Story! Come get a start on a standout, one-page digital portfolio centered around your unique story. Over two engaging days, dive into both your personal and professional narratives, designing a digital portfolio that truly reflects you. Play around with mood boards, dive into Figma, and get a grasp on […]

Building Skill Share

The Hive - 130 E 7th Street, Claremont, CA 91711 130 E. 7th St, Claremont, CA, United States

Learn the basics and beyond of designing, making, and building in a world of materials using a variety of tools. RSVP required - Click to register.

Sewing Skill Share

The Hive - 130 E 7th Street, Claremont, CA 91711 130 E. 7th St, Claremont, CA, United States

Learn the basics of sewing by hand and with a machine from our student proctors. RSVP required - Click to register.

Designing a Message that Moves: Social Justice Poster Design

From inspiration to creation, theory to practice, join Kareem Collie in collaboration with the Benton Museum, as we explore the impact of art rooted in activism. In this designer-led, two-part series, students will work with Kareem Collie to explore the archives of the Benton and then create their own design that uses language and visuals […]